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  1. Only have the 'Atlas of the Solar System' pictured above. It has a lot of illustrations, and a few photographs of the planets up to Saturn, so might not be that book.
  2. It doesn't have an introduction by Carl Sagan, but is there anything in particular you want me to check from the book that might help?
  3. How about this one? If not then there is another by David A. Hardy just called 'The Solar System'.
  4. Caught it again tonight, although only for a few brief glimpses between clouds. Managed to view it in my 200P around 7pm, nucleus was very bright but the tail was barely noticeable because the sky was still light at that time. Going by the weather forecast it looks like it'll be my last observation for a while
  5. Just saw the comet After 2 failed attempts I finally found it on the third night. Wasn't bright and was really difficult to pick out at first, but I did follow it for about half an hour before losing it low down in the haze. Couldn't see it at all with the naked eye but was a nice sight in my 10x50 binos once the sky darkened a bit.
  6. Yeah, thats what I was thinking. Had a quick look at the comets position in Stellarium and it does seem a little too close at the moment.
  7. Anyone tried spotting the comet during daylight? Would it be bright enough to pick up in a pair of binoculars, or is it too close to the Sun to observe safely?
  8. Nice pic. My first confirmed sighting of a comet was Hyakutake. I may have seen Halley back in '85/'86 but I cant be certain. Like to think that I did though
  9. Just use the arrows next to the numbers to change them. Or highlight the long/lat settings and then type your own in their place.
  10. So at 300x a disk should be fairly noticeable? Never really spent much time observing the moons because they just looked like stars to me, and because I would spend most of my time just looking at Jupiter. I will definitely check them out next chance I get though.
  11. How much magnification do you think is needed to show the moons as disks? The maximum I can get is 300x, and the moons have always just been starlike points to me.
  12. This was the approach that was recommended to me by John and the admins, who allowed me to make my request through the Astro Lounge section. I didn't want to just jump in and start asking incase it was in breach of any of their rules or was deemed inappropriate.
  13. Anyone know how accurate Stellarium is for tracking this comet? The recent flyby of 2012DA14 ended up being way off.
  14. Of course. I should have mentioned that before. The images will be used to basically complement the film and full credit will be given to the original photographer. The film will only be viewed by the lecturer for grading and wont be shown anywhere outside of the University. Please PM me if anyone requires anymore information.
  15. I am currently studying Multimedia Technology at the University of West Scotland and for my honours project I have decided to make a short film about a local observatory. In this film I would like to include some images of clusters, galaxies, etc. and was wondering if the good folks here at Stargazers Lounge would be kind enough to donate some of their images for my project. I dont have the skill or the equipment to take my own, although I would like to be able to image comets sometime in the near future. Please be assured that any images you send me will only be used for the project and will
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