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  1. You could have fitted a finderscope. A C14 might be an idea for behemoth
  2. MikeDay82

    New telescope.

    Hi Xpolars, welcome to SGL. Great setup you have their, enjoy (when the clouds go )
  3. I have and adore my CPC800, I love it because its great on the portability side. When I go to StarParties and astronomy camping trips, its the first in the boot of the car. For that very reason I love it. From the optical side, I prefer my dob for viewing and APO refractors for photography. Ive never owned any Meade equipment. Used yes, but never owned. I was at one stage considering a 14" LX200 to be mounted in an observatory, but after consideration, trial and testing, public opinions etc I think come summer time the project will call for something else.
  4. Rodrigol. I might be able to help you out a little next month if you want to try your ED80 on a mount, will message you
  5. Being a gadget geek myself, I was in the same boat as you when I chose to invest in my first 'proper' scope. Did i go for a dob or a goto dob? In the end I saved a few hundred and went for a 250PX Dob without goto. I think I made the best choice for me, as it taught me how to star hop and navigate the skies. In time i then went for a HEQ5 and a SW80ED for photography and use my dob for visual work. The path I took worked for me, and I am pleased with my choices. Using a manual dob taught me so much about the skies. A good manual dob with a telrad finder and a decent atlas is a brilliant way into astronomy.
  6. As we are post christmas 2012 but pre christmas 2013, could I have some choccys? If not, how about for my daughters 2nd Birthday? Hint hint nudge nudge
  7. Before I bought the HEQ5 I mounted my ED80 on top of my CPC800 using Celestrons 125mm Guidescope rings and the 8 inch dovetail bar. I used the Synscan Autoguider with either my D3200 on the CPC800. Weight wasnt a problem, but I wouldnt have gone any higher. Thing is my CPC800 is pier and not tripod mounted. Maybe the vibration suppression pads would be worth looking into as they really do work.
  8. Looks like it could be a clear one for me too
  9. As you have your CPC800 on the Pro Wedge, why not look into piggy back mounting the ED80 on top? With the wedge you can set it up for EQ tracking and maybe use the CPC800 as a guidscope with the ED80 used for wide field imaging with a DSLR. You could get the mounting hardware (plate, rings) a good guide scope and a modded Canon D1100 for roughly the same amount as the HEQ5 mount.
  10. Nice video here about eyes and binoviewers
  11. Odd topic here, but I am sure you will appreciate the relevance. I went to Specsavers last week as I hadn't been in over a year. New prescription and glasses were ordered. After collecting them yesterday and a moderately clear night I ventured outside with the Dob for the first time in what seemed like ages. After I set the dob up I left it for a while to cool down and sat back in my chair to get my eyes used to the dark. What shocked immediately was the impact that new specs had on my naked eye viewing. I could see more stars and they were all tiny pin pricks. On to the scope and I was even more shocked. The moon was crisp and the orion nebula was something else!! Moral of this story, I should have gone to Specsavers a lot sooner
  12. Agreed that photo is a long way to go. But it does show what the set up is capable of. As with all facets of trial and error, I am sure I will get to that quality of photo one day!!
  13. To give you an idea of what that set up is capable of, have a look at this; ED80 with HEQ5 and a Nikon D70
  14. I totally agree, the LX90 was a great scope. Though I think consumer confidence in Meade is at an all time low with the reports of their financial issues.
  15. I totally agree with Olly, iOptron mounts are simply superb and offer great value for money. The HEQ5 would be my choice for the ED80, especially the Pro Synscan as it will open up a whole new world of astronomy for you - astrophotography. Some great photos have been taken with the ED80 + HEQ5 and a DSLR.
  16. Having seen that video all I can say is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!
  17. According to Celestron is being developed at the moment with a release date this spring. F10 doesnt float my boat, with the .7 reducer it will seem like a good set up. All depends on the mount.
  18. I have the 250px, I normally take it from the garage and set it up and leave it for a good half hour before I start to use it to give it plenty of time to cool down. In this time I get my binoculars out and have a wee browse and get my eyes used to the dark. If you do this it will give you and your scope plenty of time to adjust to being outside. Also as others have said, check your collimation. We cant stress enough how important it is. I have one of these and I wouldnt be without it http://www.firstlightoptics.com/collimation/baader-laser-collimator.html I understand you saying its new and should be set up properly, but when in transit by the dreaded couriers they may have knocked the box and this set the collimation to be slightly off.
  19. I seem to be getting rather excited about the 8" Edge on the Advanced VX. I cant help but thing that combo added with Celestrons 80mm guidescope and Nexguide will be a killer of a set up. Also if you add the focal reducer for the Edge 8" and then slap a good DLSR or CCD on the tube, it will be a great bit of kit. Thing is, will the VX mount take it all?? Any thoughts?
  20. I nearly voted for it purely for the nostalgia. It was my first scope, the one that started it all. I am sure many of us had that wobbley red tube as a first scope for christmas.
  21. My understanding is that the CG-5 is basically the same as the EQ5 but with a better tripod and upgraded motors and an autoguider port. Also the OTAs are both manufactured by Synta so they will be much of a muchness. Personally I would choose the Celestron mount, but if you can wait a few more weeks as Celestron are releasing the Advanced VX mount - and improved and redesigned Advanced GT with photography taken into account. Another option, dependant on your budget obviously, is to look into a NEQ6 with a 200PDS mounted on it. It will cost more, but the upgraded mount will give you more scope (no pun intended) to add more to it in the future. Like a small dedicated guidescope. There are some great second hand bargains to be had!!!
  22. As a life long Nikon supporter I will recommend the D3200. What everyone is saying about there being more support for Canon DSLRs is very true, however, I must say that the Nikon support for astrophotography is great albeit small. I have used the 1100D and it is without a doubt a fantastic camera. I am biased and I know I shouldn't be but I will always go for a Nikon - proud owner of a D7000 and a D3200. My best advice is to go to a reputable camera store and see them for yourself. Get a a feel for them. Bear in mind that despite the support is unquestionably stronger, if you simply dont like the feel of it, you wont use it. Set a budget and explore all the possibilities in that range. If you are mounting to a 'scope, budget for T-Rings and adaptors too. The best advice I can give is to find a camera that you can use at night, and you are also happy to use in day to day life too, will give you more bang for the buck. The 1100D and the D3200 both come highly recommended. They are great. In terms of quality of the photos, well both are great. Also in 2008 a man from Arizona won the photographer of the year competition with a 80 dollar broken Panasonic. The quality of your photos will come with how well you get on with the camera. So its always best to go and see them before you buy and pick the one that you get the greater feel for.
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