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  1. i've just received my Baader 40mm super sky surfer v finder scope, how is it a finder scope its got no magnifacation, when i look through it everything looks the same as normal and i cant get the brighness dial to turn
  2. my scope came with a 9x50 finder scope so would like something a bit more powerful but i do like the idea of the right angle finder
  3. thats awesome, im yet to see saturn only had scope for about 6 weeks
  4. I have a dob 200p and i would really like a new and slightly more powerful finder scope can any one recommend one they use or ahve used. thanks in advance jon
  5. according to the beeb weather page i should have clear skies tonight....just a shame it wont get dark for ages
  6. i've still not seen the milky way yet
  7. i really hate the summer, it takes too long to get dark
  8. ok mate cheers for that, when will jupiter be closer? think i bought my scope at wrong time of year, stupid light evenings
  9. they are amazing mate, would my scope be capable of capturing anything like that?? to begin with i would just like to get a few shots of the moon/ jupiter not seen any other planets yet
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