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  1. Well I never, I didn't expect seeing to have such an effect. I am a beginner and only now properly understand about "seeing" I never expected it to make such a differance. Thanks for the advice
  2. I have noticed that when I have focused my 150p Dob on say a planet (last night Saturn) the planet goes in and out of focus as it moves across the FOV. Is this dust on the primary? If so how do I get rid? I don't want to chance anything DIY in case i do the wrong thing, have looked down the OTA and there is a bit of dust on the primary. so need some guidance. Thanks in advance
  3. I don't really know what to do now, apart from ignore reviews of whole series by the looks of it. My 15mm is brilliant I love it I use it all the time, but when searching for DSOs i need an 18 or 25 and the stock ep is so hard to use, when you get the whole view it is very hard to keep I have to be some way back from the eyepiece, another reason I like the BST (extendable eyecup) I will give some thought, I will get all BSTs in the end but that's a while off yet. Thanks all for the advice, clear skies
  4. Thanks for the advice! I have already got the 15mm BST which I love, it is much better then the stock EPs, that's why I was going to buy the 25mm but people say that's the weakest in the series so I was looking at the 18mm. I have a Barlow so I use that instead of the stock 10mm when looking at planets 15 with 2x gives me 7.5mm, that is another reason why I was going up instead of buying a 8mm. Think I am sold on the 18mm Does anybody know where I get a BST eyepiece case?? Not seen on anywhere
  5. About a week ago I found M81/82, I was over the moon to say the least, been looking for them for ages. This was my first galaxy sighting and has given me a taste for finding a few more? I was going to get a 25mm BST to replace the one which came with the scope but reading through some of the posts about 8" dobs people are saying that the 18mm is better? I've only got the 6" but does the same apply? Which one should I go for? Thanks in advance
  6. Ok that's sounds promising, I will look at trying to do that Knobby I don't know how but I'll dig around as well I have already added that update Grotemobile but it doesn't do any thing like what it describes a bit misleading on that site but thank you. Thanks for the help guys
  7. Hi I've bought a second hand Philips PCVC 675K and can't load it onto my laptop, the driver disc keeps saying it can't detect windows 98 and turning off. I went to Philips and downloaded the XP driver update (1.6) but that has done nothing it is supposed to do in the write up. Has anyone had this problem with XP machines, if so how did you get it working? Anyone's help would be much appreciated.
  8. So the BST In my scope comes out at 1.25 but the plossl comes out at 1.333 would there be much of a difference between them, especially if I was to get the 32mm celestron omni plossl. Also is the price difference between the 25mm BST and the same X-Cel worth it (about £25)? I'm getting very confused what to get, has anyone used these in a 150p Dob?
  9. Ok brilliant, I did wonder why there were no EPs above 25mm in the BST range! Thanks again for the advice
  10. All done hope you get good results? rory
  11. Hi Kelly Welcome to SGL Rory
  12. Welcome to the forum Rory
  13. Welcome to SGL from sunny Wednesbury
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