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  1. We had our family Holiday to Kos this year and I was able to capture the Milky Way just before the moon reared its light polluting head Kos is amazing as there is no light pollution, wish we had skies as dark as this in the UK. Here is one of my favs that I took, you can see faintly a shooting star top right of the core. Cheers :-)
  2. Stunning shot, so much to see in it :-)
  3. Yes single exposure. I did take loads of the same so I might try stacking them.
  4. I went to Kos for my holiday and on my list of things to do was to shoot the Milky Way from a totally dark sky. I went to the darkest part of the island and took some amazing RAW data, I couldn't have been happier. Also as this was the first time I shot the Milky Way I was very pleased with the results. I wish we had dark skys like this in the UK without having to drive hours to find a dark sky. Shot with Nikon D700, 24mm F2.8, 25s, ISO 3200
  5. hi all, long time no contact!....hope you guys are well. Good to see that WADAS has taken off, well done :-)
  6. Its this one here.... http://s175657640.websitehome.co.uk/CCDLandWebSite/courses.html Its quite inexpensive for what you get :-)
  7. My plans are to get to grips with Astrophotography, I am doing a an Astrophotography course on 20th July, after that I am going to knuckle down and work at it! I hope to get some decent images by the end of the year.
  8. Also horbury and wakefield astronomy society - HAWAS
  9. regarding the society are you guys thinking of getting a website as there is a free website host and website creator available http://www.wix.com/htmlsites/create-your--website?utm_campaign=fb_pp|p_en-c_GB-g_m-a_36t44-r_f-bc_n-ca_dancer&experiment_id=6007898057253&ifcontext=cjh80000000l2z
  10. I would have thought Pugneys would have been really bad for LP as you have Leeds to the north, Wakefield NE, Ossett, Horbury, dewsbury to west and Barnsley, Sheffield to the south.....but maybe worth a try on a clear night ?!
  11. Sorry I couldnt make it, got loads of work on at the moment. Really excited that our Astro society is going forward, if I can help in anyway let me know. Soupy I have pm'd you my email address.
  12. I was staying at Heydown Bridge not far from Cawfieklds, great area! We stayed at Hadrians Lodge Hotel outside of Haydon Bridge, that would be a great place to stay if we wanted to make a few days of it. I bet we could even set up the scopes in the hotel car park. Does anyone fancy making a weekend of it later on in the year, if we can guarantee the weather ?
  13. Kieran, is this software used only for setting up and capturing, I assume not processing ? Is it easy enough to use ?
  14. Sorry not been on in a while guys, had a few weddings to shoot. I probably wont be out until after July due to holiday and work. If anyone is interested I have booked an imaging course on 20th July http://s175657640.websitehome.co.uk/CCDLandWebSite/courses.html Seems to cover a good area on imaging, something which I need! Hope you have a good night tonight.....for once the weather seems to be kind to us!
  15. Great scope, congrats! We can be twins...although I got the 80mm version.
  16. I have been looking at drift aligning and there is a peice of software which is supposed to be great for this called Alignmaster http://www.alignmaster.de/ When I get mine all setup im gonna give this software a try.
  17. Taken the family away for a few days in Northumberland...only 20mins from kielder observatory...all events booked out....kicking myself!!!
  18. Have a great holiday Damian....dont worry cloudy skies will be waiting for you when you come back :-)
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