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  1. I had a similar problem with my Explorer, although I had the right-hand adjustment screw as far in as it could go it didn't push the finder left enough to get it aligned with anything.

    Took the finder off, snapped the o ring in the process, put the finder back minus the o ring and found I could then align it with the main scope. Its been fine since then, stayed aligned and haven't needed to touch it.

  2. Thanks to all for the welcome!

    i'll look up the East midlands group, and yes a Rush (99% of the population go "who?").

    In Cropwell Bishop...famous for cheese and...not much else really.

  3. Evening all,

    Just saying hello, joined a few weeks ago and been mining the site for info...there it loads and its been very helpful.

    Got an Explorer 200p and loved every cold evening there has been a bit of clear sky when I've been able to use it. While learning how it works and where to point it the highlight was finding and seeing the nebula in Orion for the first time. Cloudy nights have been spent taking an xbox cam apart and trying to make it fit on the scope, nearly as much fun as it is frustrating!

    Thanks to all the members who have shared their info with us newbies, hope to return the favour in future.


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  4. ISS

    I've been using Stellarium to see when the ISS has been going overhead to attempt a photo, this it how it came out.

    According to Stellarium, which is good but not perfect, it would have been going over at the time you were looking so could be what you saw.
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