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  1. quick m42, 7 shots stacked and resized in paint dot net
  2. still clear down here, been like it since about midnight:hello2: at last mind, temperature's dropped a bit...brrrrrrr
  3. okay a bit impatient..8 mins unguided. I put it into paint.net just to adjust the exposure and resize it
  4. and 5 mins, no guiding. The biggy next time...10 mins while I get a coffee
  5. Capella, 4 mins, no guiding..more later Seeing what I can do with what I got so far
  6. it appeared to move north..just a fraction, we're talking about the same distance as the width of the crosshairs again. I've moved the mount so the star appeared to move down a fraction. No more than the width of the crosshairs again. 02:27
  7. Really is good tonight though, feel sorry for anyone who's gone to sleep...
  8. swinging back over to Capella 02:10
  9. got the coffee and it's still there. moved slightly to the right/west but no N/S movement Time is 02:06. And would you believe it... my torch suddenly started getting hot...flipping rechargable batteries gone west. Not sure if they are going to explode or something...but they're in the middle of the lawn...
  10. no movement. time is 01:50.. I'll leave it for another 15 mins and get a coffee. If it's still on target then another siting in the east to double check...if that checks out then a picture test:hello2: lovely night tonight...he he
  11. been there done that and got the t shirt...-8C last year....brrrrrrrr:)
  12. looks like it's moving north a little, as I look in the eyepiece, orientated it so the star moves left and right and stays on the e/w line as I look in the eyepiece. If I'm doing this wrong, anyone..please shout up Regards Keithp time is 01:37 yep definitely drifted north a little bit so I've adjusted the mount so the star appeared to move to the right..not much though, about double the width of the crosshair lines...see what happens. time is 01:46
  13. okay, got markab lined up now, see what happens 01:25
  14. whooo think I may have got it. Well close anyway, no drift time is 01:18. Switching to a SW target
  15. Well, really enjoying myself tonight:hello2:,..typing this in the darkness...well okay there is a full moon and luckiliy I can touch type....good ol' Royal Mail. Just trying to nail drift alignment down on the pier...here for the night. Anyone else up and out? What a difference an observatory/shed makes looking forward to the winter and clear skys Regards Keithp
  16. I used to get it down to about 4 to 5 mins with no trails on the tripod on the lawn. Now it's pier mounted I want it locked down to 20 mins as a minimum..Abitious yes, achievable...I'll let you know. I'm doing it now on 'Drift aligning Question'
  17. might be getting close, no movement N or S, though it has drifted a little east. As I look in the eyepiece, going to leave it another 15 mins, get a coffee and see what happens. Maybe time to switch to a star SW. Regards Keithp okay it's gone a little south, not much. About the same distance between the double lines east to west, just going to tweak it up a little It's moved a smidgin north and east, just thought I really should put some timings on these updates for anyone else following this. Okay details are : Skywatcher 250px on eq6 pier mounted. 12mm meade wireless illuminated eyepiece. Done 3 star alignment, no probs dropped me straight on capella. Going to give it another 10 mins then switch to something in the SW. Time is 01:08
  18. out there drift aligning as we speak;)
  19. anybody out tonight? I've got lovely clear skys here so I'm getting the drift alignment nailed down...even if it takes all night. Bit of cloud so maybe not so good for the imagers out there. Regards Keithp okay, it's sitting on capella, smack bang in the middle, after getting no drift from altair the other night and seeing a northwards drift on mirach and making adjustments to lower the mount I'm going to give it 15 mins and see what happens
  20. Crikey! didn't realise how old my hands look until I view the blow up photo you click on! Reminder to self, the Missus hand cream don't work.. any of you ladies got a suggestion? he he keep it clean;)
  21. Just had to post something on these. Follow up to my post in supplier reviews regarding WDS Components. I ordered 3 off of part number 8168-227. These are m4 thumb screws and are a perfect replacement for the secondary adjusters on my 250px. The 25mm depth allows them to screw into the holder with about 5mm of free space before locking up against the mirror. At 18mm diameter there is enough space to adjust easily. Well okay I do have slightly thinish hands:rolleyes: At just over a fiver including VAT and posting well worth it. No more mucking about with an allen key and worrying about rounding off the slots. Regards All Keithp should really have put a link in http://www.wdsltd.co.uk/products/Machine-Parts/Plastic-Hand-Knobs/WDS-8168-Thumb-Screw-240/
  22. I'd like to add to the praise for this company. Just ordered 3 m4 thumb screws to replace those on the secondary. Only ordered them yesterday and that was late on in the afternoon. They've just turned up:icon_salut: Fantastic response for such a small order. I'll be fitting them later, no fiddling around with allen keys. Regards All Keithp
  23. Many thanks for the link Steve, that certainly makes things clearer for me now. I am in the northern hemi...as it happens. Regards Keithp
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