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  1. talk about hijacted. Admins...please delete my account. I feel sorry for this country. Good night all...
  2. Many thanks Ladies and Gents, I thought my initial post was evident however. I'm dissappointed. I bow to your opinions. Mods. Feel free to delete my account. I've finished here. Regards All KP
  3. What a wasted opportunity...can we lose the Irish man and Johnathan Ross
  4. How about clip pipe, it's what I used for my pier in the DIY observatories section http://www.ducting-online.co.uk/products/9-Clip-Pipe/ Regards Keithp
  5. Cheers for the compliments Kev. I'm using an EQ6 mount. Yes, when the scopes (2X) are balanced up the position of the 10" tube means the bottom of the tube just catches the edge of the mount. But that is my config, ie. the height of the mount on the adapter located in the pier. I could have had the adapter higher on the mount but I wanted to use the setup for imaging and didn't fancy the bolts being too long and allowing resonation, if you know what I mean. It may be possible in hind sight to have measured this with the scope on the tripod...never thought of that till now. Having seen and measured it I will take my sds drill + demolition saw and take off about a 1" diag slice from the top edge of the pier. It's very close...If I shove the scope up by half an inch it would clear but then the scopes/mount wouldn't be in balance. Give me a shout if you need any more pointers. Regards Keithp
  6. Quick pointer for anyone following my method regarding the pier, the 450mm size tube will compromise the straight up view with the 250px. (or any 10" newt). I think I might be able to make a mod to allow for this but go for a 400mm tube. Keeping it simple. Regards All Keithp PS all other problems sorted though :-)
  7. Hmmm, too much moon and fog tonight...that's a didn't...doh!
  8. Just a quick question for anyone using the astrotec adapter, are the drivers the same as the prolific ones for the normal usb to serial adapter. I just tried downloading them from FLO's link and I got some strange Chinese site http://www.prolific.com.tw/support/files//IO%20Cable/PL-2303/Drivers%20-%20Generic/Windows/allinone/PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v10518.zip I suppose the answer is in the link, but just checking they are the ones on the blue disk receieved with the usb serial adapter1?
  9. It's clearing here down in Somerset but I know with all the moisture on the ground the dew will be up very quickly. Nice and dark though. I'll leave it until maybe Sat or Sun night, looks good for Monday if the mess office has it right.. keeping my eye on sat24 though
  10. Ordered the correct bit off FLO, turned up the day after I ordered...excellent service as usual. Also posted in supplier reviews. Excellent response from James, many thanks there. Please, if this is something someone else might try..okay I might be on my own..stupid ..:iamwithstupid:doh! make it a sticky in equipment help. I was lucky, I'd hate to see someone fry £700+ worth of mount..well okay maybe a couple of hundred for a replacement board but there you go. Not worth the warning? Regards Keithp
  11. Sent off for the correct adapter to hook up the computer Cables, Leads and Controllers - HitecAstro EQDIR adapter turned up the day after I ordered it, nice one FLO. Excellent service as usual. This is what you want not what I was trying to do... http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/115102-mount-control-question.html Regards All Keithp
  12. With all due respect and thanks to Chris and Glider. I'd agree. We numpties out here need a bit/lot of guidence. I only deal with databases, networks and complete computer re-builds, all to standards. I'd be quite happy for Admins to make this a sticky as NOT the way to go. Regards Keithp Ps perhaps the title could be modified to read....How NOT to contol your mount with a computer PPS, I think I was lucky and got away with it..or stupid but not understanding the complexity of the information provided. So Admins please feel free to warn others with this
  13. Cheers again Glider, shame you didn't get on my trail before I started this or at the beginning, your knowledge is superior to mine on the connections/pin outs etc..hehe I only work with the dam things, rather than knowing what's coming out the pins. But here you go and I stand corrected by those who know more than me. But that's what this site is about.. you live and learn. Luckily no damage done. All is working okay. Hopefully there is enough here that anyone searching on this will find the answer in future.. Regards Keith Still the best Astro site around here..,
  14. Cheers Glider, but I still stand by what I said before. The serial to usb adapter I have works with 2 different scanners and is recognised by windows with the standard prolific drivers. If the mount is using a serial port connector as it's interface then this should conform to serial port standards..and by the looks of it it doesn't Not an arguement but if synta/skywatcher or what they want to call themselves are going to use proprietry connection interfaces then I would have thought they should at least conform to them.
  15. just rolled the roof back over, cloud coming in from the east. No chance tonight
  16. Why is nothing along these lines on the eqmod site to warn of not doing what I attempted..am I being stupid or what... the connection on the mount is a serial plug that does not conform to serial plug standards. I'm trying to think of an analagy to this, but surely standards should be standards. You expect 230/240 volts from a uk 3 pin socket?
  17. Thanks Steve, duely noted. I've ordered the proper connector from FLO. Regards Keithp
  18. Thanks for the warning Chris. That's the info I was after. I've disconnected everything and re-attached the controller, fired it up and appears to be okay. Looks like I'll just be using the hand controller tonight then until I've sent off for the bit of kit I mention earlier.. So it's not a standard serial connection then and the EQDIR adapter is different to a normal serial to usb adapter? Is that what you're saying. Regards Keithp FLO - You just got a hitecastro eqdir ordered..for an eq6 mount.. Regards Keithp
  19. hmm, nothing is happening. Confirmed the serial to usb drivers are installed and reported okay, set to com port 5. I have ASCOM platform 5.0b plus updated to 5.5.1. I have sky6 installed with it's respective update for ascom use. I also have eqmod installed. The power to the scope is switched on, the serial plugged into where the handset normally goes, this goes back to a usb extender in to usb on the computer. If I fire up eqmod toolbox, click register to register the ascom drivers I get success. If I go to the driver setup it is reading eqmod port details: timeout 1000 retry 1 baud 9600 and port 5. I click ok there at the bottom of the window. If I click test connection the EQMOD ASCOM EQ5/6 window comes up and shows Connect Error: Timeout in the mount position part. Any ideas anyone? Don't think anythings missing. Regards Keithp
  20. Well I just downloaded all the drivers, eqmod, ascom and so forth. Serial usb drivers installed okay, recognises the device when I plug it in. Sky6 setup to use Telescope API and when I select the settings it fires up the ascom telescope chooser and from there I can select EQ6. Comm port 5 is being used by everthing so I guess the only thing left to do now is plug it into the mount and as you say Martin..give it a try. I'll do a dry run this afternoon after the Grand Prix and let you know what happens. Regards Keithp
  21. We had frost on the lawn this morning. Out on Friday night over Saturday and it was difinitely a bit chilly. Regards Keithp
  22. Thanks for that Martin, I guess I was just wondering if the Eqdir unit might be different in someway specific for mount control. Is the voltage from the usb connection from the computer the correct voltage required by the mount control circuit board? Regards Keithp
  23. Hello All. After getting PHD guiding working successfully, polar aligning my pier mounted eq6 and generally feeling quite happy with the setup I was going get computer control working. I know the usual route is to use one of these EQDIR units Cables, Leads and Controllers - HitecAstro EQDIR adapter but I have a working serial to usb adapter. Could I use that connected directly to the mount where the synscan controller would normally attach? When I say a working serial to usb adapter, it was used previously for a small scanner unit. Are serial plugs all wired so that the signal on the various pins is shall we say, a standard. I've had the unit apart and inside were various small ciruit boards so it's not a direct wired connection. Just thought I'd ask in case anyone has done this before and before I splash the cash on one of the above units. Regards All Keithp
  24. Cheers for that Olly, I managed a reasonable alignment, not quite as tight as I want yet but close enough to continue with guided tracking. I think this will be a continuing experiment over the next few nights, weather allowing. Nice 2 weeks off work to sort it out. Even on a pier though I noticed how sensitive the mount/train is to any sort of movement. I reckon it's all pretty much well balanced but having to slaken off the main bolt to allow adjustment to take place the very act of tightening it again to lock everything up rock solid makes a difference. Was going out tonight..looks a cracker again but sleep patterns need to re-adjust alittle. Regards Keithp
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