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  1. I am a moron. Had the autofocus settings on.
  2. Will NOT activate the shutter I mean. w
  3. Yeah, I'm beginning to think that I am not remembering correctly how I had it set up last year. I will try again with it as it is. I actually got a 2 sec exposure of Betelgeuse that seemed relatively clear. The real problem is that my remote will activate the shutter and I thought that was the culprit. You have any insight on that?
  4. Yeah I should've been more detailed. So I had my setup working great last year. Took my avatar photo with it. I am mounting to the scope via T ring. I then have a 2" tube that goes directly into the lens mount. Camera is in manual mode. The camera will not allow any adjustment to the aperture in any mode but, I know last year I was in manual mode. I searched and eventually found on the web that there is a setting in the camera that tells it allow the aperture to be adjusted. Just gotta find it RRRRRR! It was a most obscure post on some weird page. Should've saved it. I do appreciate everyone'
  5. Once the camera lens has been removed and its mounted to a t ring, the aperture adjustment is not functional. I seem to recall searching for days last year and stumbled upon the solution but do not remember what it was. Thanks for the reply though.
  6. Was using this camera last year and can not recall the settings to get the aperture fully open. I can't take a picture as it says "subject too dark."
  7. I am having trouble getting my Nikon D3100 hooked to my scope. I got the Nikon T ring adapter to hook up to the camera but my t ring will not screw into it. I've got a T ring for my broke sony a100 and it seems to be just slightly too large. Can anyone point me in the right direction to what will fit this Nikon T ring adapter I have?
  8. Hey Chris. Welcome from Texas.
  9. Howdy from Texas...Well Louisiana actually but Texas is home.
  10. AZM is the azimuth angle with north being 0deg, east 90deg, south 180deg, and west 270deg,. The alt is the vertical declination/angle with Polaris being 0 I belive but am not sure about this.
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