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  1. yes it is and i was wondering if you guys wanna meet this week any takers?
  2. Right, got a fully functioning celestion 114EQ, With two possal's (one 20mm and 10mm)..... what can i look at tonight? its clear, im in Birmingham and all set up
  3. found out that using a cardboard tube works perfectly! i saw jupiter! and two moons!
  4. i have aligned it but its a really [removed word] one that comes with most celestion telescopes
  5. currently have clear sky's , but having problems finding and locking on to Jupiter.... little help? i have 2 possels (one 10Mm and one 20mm) i have a celestron 114 eq if need more info, reply
  6. there are a number of farms in the area, i will get in contact with some of the farmers and see if its possible to use there fields
  7. There are a few low LP sites in south staffs, places like hint and canwell hall
  8. Tbh there isn't many "good" sites in Birmingham due to high Lp but there are a few low low areas on the outskirts like canwell hall and hint
  9. its essensualy just open fields, perfect for observing
  10. huumm..... right, i have been looking at the light pollution survey and the lowest LP round Sutton is near Canwell hall... any takers? there's good road access, and there's a waffle place that nearby, hows that sound?
  11. well, dark energy and dark matter, I believe, are linked. The universe itself is infinite correct? So in that infinite space, you would think that area would be full, wouldn't you? But, from what we can see, it isn't! there are dark spaces and huge gaps between stars, planets and outer objects, yet as I said the universe is infinite so that space should be filled with something, thus we say that this made up of dark matter, thus if spaces change (like a change in orbit), there is an influx of negative energy of that space compacting, or that space growing (positive energy), we have dark energy! Nobel prize please!
  12. Humm... Well gates close at 1030 ish after that where in for the night.... All nighter?
  13. well, Saturdays, not sure where as of yet but i know a few good places with low LP
  14. Hey guys, I'm planning to set up a astronomy Club based in Sutton Park, which is open to anyone whos willing! already have a Facebook group (link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/367579990006741/) so give me a shout if your interested! Clear skys to you all! josh
  15. iS NOW A PROWED OWNER OF CELSTRON ASTROMASTER 114 EQ!!!!! for only £74!!!
  16. iS NOW A PROWED OWNER OF CELSTRON ASTROMASTER 114 EQ!!!!! for only £74!!!
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