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  1. I was in Bristol two weeks ago to see my daughters in the university and we popped in for a look around but to late for the last showing I might be back there this week so I will give it a go
  2. Looks like the top half of a mobility scooter but if it keeps you warm and dry why not
  3. I think it answers a lot of questions we've all been asking since his death it's good to know his important work and possessions will be preserved and what a great job his close friends has done
  4. http://www.brianmay.com/brian/brianssb/brianssboct15a.html#07
  5. Funny thing I went to cuba for 2 weeks in august in the entire 2 weeks I didn't see one jet or any other aircraft fly over day or night for 2 weeks not one contrails mad. I did see the milky way for the first time though when the power was cut for half hour ☺
  6. +1 for ghostdance Saturn is awesome but I do love a good hour or two observing the moon up close especially in the summer with the light nights it always worth having a look
  7. I've just come in from a 12 hour night shift reading that done my head in
  8. Sounds hard work but you got your gear now which is good
  9. But until we find life somewhere else wouldn't that make us and our little solar system significant
  10. Sounds like a good night will keep an eye out for driving up that hill part 2
  11. Hello heimdall first thing I ever saw with a scope was Saturn through a 130p a couple of years back but it was in a better position but it was an awesome sight ☺
  12. andrew65


    Hello matt☺
  13. I got the skyquest xt10i I had the skywatcher 130p which is a great scope I enjoyed tracking objects down with a chart but with me being a shift worker and with the weather being rubbish and light pollution in my area I was spending most of my time searching for targets and struggling to find them but with the push to once it's set up I can klick on tonight's best and away to go or scroll through the messier list just makes things easier for me you could always look for objects without the handset and if you have trouble it's there for back up
  14. I tend to look at a bit of everything but with the winter being not the best and working shifts I've added a lot more lunar and will continue with it in the summer months instead of packing up and waiting for the dark clear winter nights which rarely come around.
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