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  1. Beginner Astronomer

    Imaging equipment for a dob

    Thanks a lot will start saving up.
  2. Hi, not sure if this should be in the imaging section but i have read a lot about how an 8" dob cant image DSO's very well but i was wondering that if you got an: EQ 6 syntrek mount Canon 1100d DSLR camera Used the prime focal technique and had a descent knowledge of the sky would it work? Many thanks and sorry for any errors.
  3. Beginner Astronomer


    Thanks for the advice the moon was pretty bright try again soon.
  4. Beginner Astronomer


    Sorry if this has been asked but I was wondering what nebulas could a beginner see with an 8" dob. i have tried the Crab Nebula and andromeda galaxy but cannot see them. The sky is descent and can see onions nebula. Advice much appreciated.
  5. Beginner Astronomer

    Best mount for beginner?

    Sorry synscan
  6. Beginner Astronomer

    Best mount for beginner?

    Just an extra question would I be able to use an eq5 mount with syncs an with the dob?
  7. Beginner Astronomer

    Best mount for beginner?

    Thanks for all the help will probably save up so I can buy good proper gear so I don't get put off with unsuitable gear. Thanks again.
  8. Hi I am fairly new to stargazing and have bought an 8" dob with a simple dob mount. For the future as it is likely I will get into astrophotography but in good time and was wondering what mount would be best for that and have GOTO. Have a budget if I have to at most £350-400. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Beginner Astronomer

    Taking a picture with phone

    Thanks for all the help. I think I will try again maybe at the moon for a bigger target. thanks again.
  10. I don't know if this should be in the imaging section but I was just wondering if you could take a quick picture with your phone through the eyepiece. I could not find any other forum about this and have tried several times to capture jupiter but it is just black. I have an 8" dob and any help would be appreciated.
  11. Beginner Astronomer

    Good binoculars

    Hi thanks for all the suggestions have decided to go with 10x50 Meade ones I found for £35.
  12. Beginner Astronomer

    Good binoculars

    Hi I am new to astronomy and have been searching and reading about telescopes and binoculars. I have decided to go for a pair of binoculars and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good pair of 10x50 for under £65 please. Much appreciated.
  13. Beginner Astronomer

    New telescope

    Thanks for the help probably will buy it without the electronics or mounts. Thanks again
  14. Beginner Astronomer

    New telescope

    I am new to astronomy and i have been looking at telescopes for a while now and need a bit of help. Would prefer to get an 8" reflector telescope by dobsonian. I have around £300-£500 and was thinking about getting the Skyquest xt8 but then found the sky-Watcher 200p possibly with motorised mount and tracking but that is when i need the help. Much appreciated.

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