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  1. Chris thanks for your post , saved me typing the same lol. I am in the same delema but i'm lucky ,I have a larger budget (£1200) Everything you say in your post i Have done ,with the exception of thinking about dabbeling in photography side at a much later date . I want something that i won't have to change for a long while, bearing in mind i am also new to all this but want to get it right first time ! All advice gratefully appreciated too. Sorry for hijacking your thread Chris Hope you dont mind ?? Baz
  2. After my intial few posts i really havn't asked to many questions , this is because a lot have already been answerd on the forums lol. I have learned such a lot from this site in the short time of beng on here. Great site, great members keep up the good work . Baz
  3. Thanks john and paul , will be having a look at the items you both mentioned . Baz
  4. Thanks guys for all your replies ,TLAO now ordered . Baz
  5. Ok here we go ! I am a total beginner , bought a pair of 10x50 bins to start of with. My qestion is , what would be and where could I get a good star map from ? Or would i be better off getting a couple of books like ,Turn left at Orion ect ? Baz
  6. Hi Graham , I had the same problem !! thought .....god if i can't navigate the forum what chance of i the skys lol soon sorted it though with a little help .
  7. Thanks for the links guys , will be having a look at them soon .
  8. Hi EBXL5 , I live a few miles outside telford, a palce called shifnal not so much light pollution ....thank god lol. We do get some nice dark nights ,
  9. Hi hulk and thanks. Do you go to any of the meetings at roddington near telford ? I was thinking of attending one in the near future .
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys , just need the clear skys now phil , cant wait !!
  11. Hi all, my name is baz and have just bought myself a pair of 10x50 bins and a mini stargazer pack. Thought i would keep it simple at first, and try and learn a few constellations. I have read a bit about telescopes ,and what would be good, and not so good for beginners but i have refrained from just jumping in at the deep end . Baz
  12. Hi all , new to star gazing but hoping to learn a lot from the forum. Just bought a pair of 10x50 bins with a star chart and a book to get me started ,so expect all the usual newbie questions from me . Baz .
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