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  1. Welcome from another welsh member.
  2. I have a flexi tube 130p and happy with the views of Jupiter it gives me, but..... A friend lent me a eyepiece over the easter weekend which was of a far better quality than those supplied with my scope, and i have to say that the views were far far better, I now need to upgrade my eyepieces after using my mates.
  3. I bought a pair of Praktica 10 x 50 from argos the other week in a sale for £25, very pleased with them as well.
  4. Supposed to be clear my way tonight but very cold
  5. What a great sight, it was orange/red?
  6. I have the galaxy tab and it works fine with what you ask and I have various skyaps on it rrunning well.
  7. I. Bought this scope in January, so far only added a good quality Barlow. Will get a few decent eyepieces but that's all for now. If I keep my interest going I will add, but waiting to see how things go first. And as others have said, it's a great little scope.
  8. Cool, pity about the you know what!
  9. Never thought of alcohol as it's so cold, maybe the summer will temt me to have a drink and a watch.
  10. It seems most of you have a mixture then. Do you use them for different viewings?
  11. 2 (or more) scopes! Have you got 1 reflecting and 1 refracting telescope, or 2 the same.
  12. So 10. X 42 or. 10. 50 are used for astronomy viewing! I have been thinking about this, anything that helps out when your starting off must be a bonus. I am struggling to get this sky map sorted, and been thinking of getting some bins to help me locate objects a bit easier.
  13. When you start off on this hobby, by that I mean locating objects for the first time/helping you to point your scope in the right direction. I realise that a finderscope is for this reason, but was wondering if a pair of bins help when looking for dimmer stars which may be hard to spot by the naked eye, or am I being daft.
  14. I tried for all of ten minutes, even my dog stayed inside
  15. I find it good on my android phone, and my tablet
  16. I'm looking at eyepieces because I'm feeling sorry for myself. A clear night would cheer me up though.
  17. Since joining here I have read a lot about poor scopes, and have taken it all in, but what about good scope manufacturers, is there a definite list anywhere? I have seen loads of scopes about for sale, and half of them I have never heard of, so I was wondering what are the best manufacturers out there.
  18. Hello, hope you enjoy your new hobby and get some clear skies
  19. Another yes from me, since I bought it a month ago I have only had a few clear skies, but what I have seen has been good. And I am thinking like you, if my initial drive wanes I.I can sell it, or keep it as a portable scope. Enjoy your sky viewing whatever you buy.
  20. It is a great little scope, and a bit of oil helps it along a treat.
  21. Well done, if I had not stumbled across this forum I would be one of those who read the description and bought something useless.
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