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  1. Thanks everyone but its gone all cloudy here. Hope tomorrow will be better, ive no other astro kit was just hoping to get lucky with camera mounted to a tripod
  2. Would anyone be able to give me some settings and tips for my 350d. Iam wanting to try take some images of shooting stars on the 22nd April. Iam aware this will be a very tricky task but any help would be appreciated Cheers sam
  3. Anyone know someone that will carry out this mod?
  4. Thanks all for your replies, Any details on the mod? Is it something i could carry out myself, Anyone got a link to a info page? Cheers Sam
  5. Hi All will my canon 350d be suitable for AP? its completley standard so would it need to be modified or if it can be modified will it perfom better with some mods? Im hoping to be using it on a SW ED80 DS pro & HEQ5 Pro mount, ive read i will be better with a focal reducer, is there anything else i would need to get me up and running? thanks Sam
  6. wow, super image, i love it, was thinking about a trip to france!
  7. wow, have you any pics of it all set up in daylight just so we can see how it all looks?
  8. Ah found price for controller now
  9. Would i be right in assuming that the syntrek mount can become a full GOTO mount if connected to your laptop with the HitecAstro EQDIR adapter? What software would you need and would you have the same functions as you get with the SynScan controller? Reason i ask is that ive seen a new second hand HEQ5 SynTrek with HitecAstro EQDIR adapter! how much is the SynScan controller I cant seem to find a price for it on the internet, also would it all be irrelevant if using a guide cam and PHD? Cheers Sam (Im still learning and reading)
  10. hi whats v2.0 apt and where do you get it from? cheers sam
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