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  1. Hey There are some moisture marks on some of my lenses, as well a a little dust What is the best way to clean these? Thanks
  2. Hi i'm having difficulty getting my synscan on my skyto align properly. I have the skywatcher az goto 130 I think I had the wrong location information but can be sure. After every time I tried either 2 star or brightest star, the scope would slew to point upwards i used either vega, Arcturus and mizar for alignment and still each time it still pointed almost directly up Is there a recommended site for ensuring that I get the correct location details? Also does the az-goto have a fail safe to prevent the scope from hitting into the tripod? thanks
  3. Thanks John, After closer inspection of the finder scope, I see there is a small grove about half way along the scope for the o-ring to sit, and there is a wider grove near the thinner end where the sprung clip on the mount clicks into place
  4. I've bought the skywatcher 130p az go to Theres a loose washer that came with the finder scope. it appears that it could fit around the outside of the scope. is this a part that's come off or just something I can get rid of? Thanks
  5. Onebitrocket

    Hi all

    Hi all, I'm Matt, I live in Manchester. I finally got around to buying a telescope after years of looking upwards and hurting my neck. I bought the SkyWatcher explorer-130p AZ goto. I've had it three days, but only used it once so far. The first night I needed batteries (they don't tell you that when you buy it) the second night it snowed. I didn't expect a clear sky this evening, more-over to be able to see objects in the sky whilst living in the city. Setup of the scope and synscan was fairly straight forward and once I had it aligned, it was a pleasure to use. Being new to astronomy and usi
  6. Hi all, First post here, I've bought an explorer-130p az-goto. I've just finished trialling the scope and I love how easy it is to target objects. Setting up took a little working out and research, including some really valuable tips on this forum. Now that I'm done for the evening, how do I care for the scope and lenses when finishing a nights viewing? There's quite a temperature change between outside and inside, ( -1°c to 21°c ) and my lenses have got condensation on them, is this ok? I've left the scope in my porch for the time being where the temperature difference isn't as great. I'm awa
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