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  1. I've got a digital copy on my smartphone so easy to see if I have to refer to it in the dark.
  2. Sorry to hijack, but are the TS Optics stuff generally seen as being of reasonable quality? I've been looking at a few EP's but couldn't find out anything about the brand so have avoided them up to now.
  3. I've just got the 4" Celestron Nexstar on the goto mount. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with it so far although I haven't had chance to use it at night yet due to the Rubbish weather. I have used it terrestrially during the day though. Firstly the tripod and mount are very solid and well built. Almost no discernable vibration. Secondly, a big plus for me as a beginner was that you can use the built in wedge to set up the mount as an equatorial as well as the standard goto giving you experience with both types in one package, and the option of some basic photography if you want it. A lot of people are quite negative about the goto and suggest that its a lazy way of looking at the stars without learning anything. In my book that's simply not true. You can manually direct the motors to anywhere in the sky using the spotting scope without using the goto function. Again for me this is the best of both worlds. Add to that the portability of a Mak and it was a no brainer. I took ages deciding what sort of scope I wanted and I have to say I'm not in the least bit disappointed. True I may eventually feel the need to upgrade, but I would say this is probably true of any starter scope.
  4. Hi Steve. You're not far from the North Lincs astronomy club just over the river near Barton on Humber. I'm sure you would get loads of help and good advice from the guys there if you get chance to go along to a meet.
  5. The apps are designed to show you what you're looking at so not a great deal of pointing them at the ground. If they were offset in the way you suggest then they wouldn't lign up with the object you're looking at so would make the "live" view absolutely poinless. At least that's the case with the one I have on my Android phone.
  6. Ignore the post above. I meant to click quote on this one. Why can't you edit posts on this forum?
  7. Glad to read this as I've just ordered one of these as my first scope.
  8. Hi Mare. Welcome. I think your English is probably better than most people born here.
  9. Hi Alan. Welcome from another total newbe.
  10. Thanks. I can always take it down to the coast in the daytime and look at the pretty boats.
  11. Thanks for that. I almost choked on my own Adams apple. >_>
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