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  1. Hi there. I'm a planetary guy with a Meade LT6 ACF Alt/Az mounted. No problems...

    The issue is happened to a friend of mine with his new AVX Advance + C9.25.

    I have minimal experience using EQ mounted scopes.

    Here is what we do to setup:

    • Level tripod with one leg pointed north.
    • Add scope align the notches on the mount. Set latitude to our position. No polar scope so we just roughly centre Polaris through the 'hole'
    • Perform either a 2 star alignment or use the Star Sense. After this we slew to Saturn. It's towards the left of the FOV.
    • Now we use ASPA. It tells us we have a slight error. We choose a star and it slews to it. The slews to the place it ought to be if polar alignment was correct.

    We are now supposed to adjust the Alt and AZ of the mount to centre the star, in first NS and EW. This is where we seem to stuggle. I manage to centre the first and second part. Then the scope loses the plot. Alignment reads XXX XXX. Trying to slew to Saturn again will move the scope into very peculiar positions! Looking at the latitude dial now reads something completely different to our actually location....

    Any obvious errors that I am making?

    Thanks for any input.


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