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  1. Is it possible to image with these two scopes attached to the Alt/As synscan GOTO? (dslr and webcam)

    Thinking about buying, you see.

    From what I read...the refractor is good for widefield and DSO and the Mak for stuff in the solar system.

    Will the refractor not show the planets ok? Will the Mak struggle with DSO also?

    In the past I have managed to image using a 114mm Flec' on a EQ1...so if these two scopes can do better than that, i'll be happy!

    Cheers in advance


  2. Also, it wil be wise to get you camera to the same temperature as the air.

    Another also, take a good few dark frames (just stick the lens cap on and allow it to capture 'dark' images'. Dont change any setting or focus!) after you have finished your imaging run. These will help with any noise when and if your stacking your images.


    (That's about dark frames etc)


    (That's about stacking images)

    Although you can search the SGL for this information too.

    Make sure your all read up and ready to go!!



  3. Hey Riggy.

    So your wanting to take wide field views of the stars with your Nikon kit lens.

    • Set up your tripod and camera.
    • Take a few test shots to check for trailing and focus.
    • Put your camera into continuous shooting mode.
    • Connect your cable release.
    • Start the first exposure (locking your release)
    • Grab that bottle opener...

    Here's one of mine. With your upcoming location you could add some lovely scenery too!

    Post your results.



  4. Nice image Danny

    Was that with the webcam or Canon? Could you list the settings/method used to help a struggler like me?

    I'd also be interested in the "Gubbins" you mention in your signature to connect to the Baader.


    If you are using a DSLR...First you need to cover your EP. Then you will need a solar filer installed on the front of your scope. Connect the DSLR. Find the sun in the view finder or live view. Set camera to manual. As this is prime focus there is no need for aperture (the scope is the lens) start at 1/500...work your way down to 1/5. Pick the image that is the best exposed. It should be as simple as that.

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