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  1. I have a new QHY5L-II cam. My first test image looks a little strange. There appears to be a strange grid pattern present in my test image. Today has been the only day that I have been able to have a quick go using it, so it maybe nothing other than some wrong settings I suppose. If anyone can shed any light on this would be great!



  2. I have that scope too. f/1000mm You can use a barlow with it, don't worry. The view gets a bit dim though as it's only 114mm. Lunar/solar and Jupiter provide the best target. Mars just looks red. You could try a few Messier object. Don't expect miracles fror the little scope though. The clock drive on it is not up to much. I have managed a few photographs through it. Jupiter and even Saturn. The images are tiny though lol.

  3. I'm not built for our (UK) climate. I have 6% boby fat. I complain when it's below 20c. I dress up in everything to stave off the cold. I still get VERY cold. The love of astronomy drives me on. When i'm packing up i'm shivering like a $£%^*%$. As has been said; wear way too much. Brink a flask. Two, if you catch my drift....Other than that? Practice some sort of dance every now and then. This winter i'll try skipping.

  4. Nice write up. I imagine that you have very dark skies! I have a 114mm too. I think I have seen 4 Messier objects through it. Just 4. From London UK. I'm glad that you see a good future for the humble scope. I have just upgraded. My Messier count increases every time I go out now. (See below)

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