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  1. I have a 12mm and an 18mm with my 4SE. I think they are great (but then have little to compare them to) but I also think they look really good. I love the shape and the different colours for each strength. Plus Alan is a top bloke to deal with.
  2. Was hoping for some clears skies this weekend with warmer temperatures as well. But here in Sussex the weekend has been becoming more cloudy with each forecast.
  3. Hi and welcome, they say nothing is slower than a watched pot. I think these days nothing is slower than waiting for a delivery driver to bring shiny stuff
  4. hi welcome, I am still struggling to see PanStarrs myself too - ether cloudy or rainy
  5. ben_e71


    hi and welcome ...
  6. ben_e71


    hi and welcome - enjoy your new scope
  7. ben_e71

    Hello from WV

    welcome, my kids love looking through the scope with me.
  8. hi and welcome - you can learn loads here.
  9. ben_e71


    Hi and welcome
  10. Was very impressed with the quality of service I got from Alan when I was ordering BSY EP's recently ... certainly made a repeat buyer out of me.
  11. I wouldn't say it was fragile .... mine seems pretty strong ... but as for that or the 127 ... go bigger as you will benefit from the bigger aperture.
  12. less bright I would have thought
  13. also saw saturn for the first time recently ... still finding it amazing that you can see this dull point of light int he sky and then you point scope at it and suddenly there are rings and everything .... amazing.
  14. as a former naysayer - I actually thought JC was okay this month. THe only thing is I agree with the comments above re his voice. I remember him in the early 2000s on Chris Moyles and he didn't talk like that then.
  15. Thanks Peter. I think I would really like an 8SE or CPC 800 ideally so am looking secondhand or longer term. But a 200 skyliner Dob could be a more instant jump in.
  16. Loving my 4SE but can't help wishing I had more aperture - already. So now pondering in idle moments whether that should be a larger SE e.g 8SE. OR get a 200P Dob as well as the 4Se.
  17. I have been conencting the camera via the C-90 T adapter. HOw do I intorduce Barlow's into this setup as it appears to only have the thread at one end for the T-ring and the smaller thread at the other to cennect to the back of the scope?
  18. Saw my first view of Saturn last night with my 4se. Obviously it's not huge in the scope but it does look great. So I thought I would try and take a picture of it with my 550d I have connected to the scope. The trouble is it was just a small dot of light when I took a picture. If I used the zoom on the live view screen I got a decent view using x5 or x10. Therefore it seems some sort of lens between the camera and the scope might help. Or am I just pushing the kit too much? If not other than the Celestron Barlow camera connector is there anything else I should use? Thanks. All help gratefu
  19. Thanks got a better one tonight
  20. Well first the caveats. It was a clear night as the moon kept popping out from behind the clouds. Even when out it had clouds over it. Plus the telescope hadn't been cooled and was sticking out of patio doors. But on Monday I took this photo with my 550d connected to my NexStar 4SE. Since Monday I've found a thread on how to focus and setup canera so hope for better results soon. But happy at moment.
  21. Great picture - do you have a version without the lines?
  22. Personally I think its a shame, his voice annoys me.
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