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  1. Okay sorted..... couldn't find satellites indoors (to be fair it did;t outside last night either) however, today stood scope by window (its pouring down) and it found them.... Happy days
  2. Thanks I've already done that. The star sense hc is slightly different in how you chose it. But I have set it to use the gps. The gps red light is on too.
  3. Hi. Thanks yes I have. I have solved the issue in that I was running on batteries. Plugged in mains supply and it's now connecting. However, a different issue has arose. On batteries my sky sync gps unit was showing correct time. Now it isn't.
  4. Hi Bought myself a StarSense. Unpacked it all today and setup on 8SE. swapped handset over and all seemed well. Handset works okay. However in initialising I get a ERR cannot recognise telescope model. I've power cycled and unplugged and replugged as per instruction and still no joy. The 8SE is compatible. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. ahh okay - happy days. Have tried that in the past but its a bit of a fiddle...
  6. can I ask how you take pictures with your iPhone - I am assuming it isn't just hold the camera lens up to the eyepiece?
  7. Hi also a bit out of date with regards accessories etc.... other than power, is there any reason why I couldn't add a STarSense, SkyQ link and GPS device to a 8SE all at once?
  8. Hi I have a NexStar 8SE. I've not used it for nearly two years as since moving I no longer have access to a dark back garden. It has been setup in our conservatory with the dust caps on both ends and all the lenses have dust caps on both ends. To prepare if for reuse is there anything I need to do other than dust down the outside? Which tbh isn't that dusty anyway?
  9. so if you were going to make a pier to use with a Nexstar 8SE - haw would you make a bit to replicate the top of the tripod to fix tot he top of the pier so the telescope can be bolted to it.
  10. Being of a quick grab and go type of observer I am enjoying reading about the star sense accessory. It has got me thinking that that and a GPS unit so I can plonk it outside and it will pretty much set itself up ( I know it's not quite as simple as that) so what gps units do people recommend to partner the 8 SE and the starsense? Thanks
  11. Cloudy in East Sussex. So no super moon here.
  12. I disagree on your summation re the finderscope I've had a 4se and a 8se. With both I started by aligning (during the day) on next doors chimney then moved further to a tree three miles away and finally checked on the telegraph poles 15 miles away on the horizon. In both cases this took a little while but was possible and meant it was spot on when using at night.
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