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  1. I finished my build today (all bar the dew straps). Thanks to @Jonk for selling me the circuit board and of course @brown_rb for the amazing design and software! A couple of things I learnt along the way - the circuit board version I have has the RGB LED pins screen printed incorrectly - easy to tell by changing the fan speed and seeing the colours aren't what you expect. Secondly the code only has the fan 100% or not at all - there's no automated ramping up of the fan - the intermediate values are only available manually. So if you're not planning on playing with the fan speed directly, then the RGB LED is somewhat redundant and could be skipped. Finally I had Adafruit backpacks for my LCD which are a different chipset and need a different display library. After a couple of hours messing about in the code I just spent a few quid and bought the backpack with the appropriate chipset - I'd recommend making sure you have the right type. -Mark
  2. Thanks guys, that seem pretty definitive - I'll start researching my guiding options over Xmas!
  3. It's my second year of astrophotography, and I'm considering what's next to take it to the next level. I have a decent mount (HEQ5), got to grips with Pixinsight, and I'm still learning to get the most from my 6 inch f/8 Tal-2 (need to figure out flats!), but the two things I think I should consider next is to be able to computer control focussing through Ekos (I'm not sure I get the best from the manual focusing with my DLSR on the Tal-2), or buy a Skywatcher startravel 80 and CCD for guiding. Which would you guys advise as the next step to get the most improvement for my DSO images? You can see some of my shots here: https://500px.com/markcheverton Thanks! -Mark
  4. I've knocked up a EQDIRECT cable connecting straight to the RJ-45 socket on my HEQ5. I understand that I should do my 3-star alignment before using it, as no software on my Mac will allow me to do this, but after I then remove the handset and plug in my laptop, is the alignment lost? Just wondering whether I need to build another cable using the RJ-11 socket on the handset? I was avoiding this as I was getting a 8.4v TX from it which whereas the RJ-45 direct connection was at a 5v level. -Mark
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