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  1. Here is a short but effective write-up on this subject from telescopes.com http://www.telescopes.com/telescopes/imageorientationwhyiseverythingupsidedownarticle.cfm
  2. Saturn will be in OPPOSITION ( the Sun is on one side of Earth, and Saturn is on the opposite side of Earth ) in April 2013, with a magnificent tilt of the rings. http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/education/saturnobservation/viewingsaturn/
  3. As a point of information, here is a link to some info on Charles Messier's telescopes: http://messier.seds.org/xtra/history/m-scopes.html PLEASE NOTE the comment in the final paragraph. Lots of things that you will be able to see if you hunt. May I also suggest that you down load a copy of Stellarium, it's free and I woudn't be without it myself. http://www.stellarium.org/ Note that it includes a number of plug-ins that show a lot of optional features. Use the OCULAR plug in to set up any number of various telescopes ( apertures and focal lengths ) and eyepieces. When you select an object, you can use the OCULAR to see what it wil look like in YOUR scope/eyepiece combination.
  4. YANKEES ( since I was 9 and my Dad took me to the 1960 World Series at Yankee Stadium ). Since we're from PA, and the family was originally from Pgh, then Philly - I was supposed to root for the Bucs. I became enthralled with NY and became a Yanks fan much to the chagrin of my father.
  5. Saw the Site and decided that I wanted to participate and learn. Started looking up when I was a teen but a career got in the way. Rekindled my interest in Astronomy about 10 years ago and bought an 8" f/5.9 DOB. Had a major setback in 2012 and ( literally ) trying to get back on my "feet" now. Hope to be getting outside again in the next few months and starting anew.
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