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  1. Just treated myself to the revelation EP kit, i was torn between this one and the celestron equivalent, after reading some reviews I went for the revelation one, now just waiting for some clear skies to trial them out!
  2. Michaelo- I was using a celestron travel scope 70 with a 10mm EP, looking to get my skywatcher 130 out tonight for a better shot! Khw- it sure will! pig- I'm not sure, there's something fascinating about looking at the stars but to look at another planet is incredible!
  3. Was amazed to get my first sighting of Jupiter last night just before the clouds sneaked in! Can't wait to get out there tonight and hope for another sighting, even saw 4 fours! next up, Saturn!
  4. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any online courses in astronomy? Looking to broaden my knowledge, thought I might as well get a qualification in it if I can!
  5. I just been and treated myself to a skywatcher 130m telescope with a eq2 mount, wicked! And because I spent so much time faffing around with that I missed my chance to view the sun! Doh. Anyway thanks to those who recommended local groups, will check them out!
  6. Thank you all who have welcomed me, and thank you for your advise re the solar film. those who are local to me know of any dark spots or local clubs?
  7. Okay thank you. Fingers crossed for some good weather now!
  8. Cannot wait, looking forward to learning more, being a beginner I need all the help I can get!
  9. Hi there, just brought the badder solar film and made a filter for the front of my scope, just been told I may need more than just the film? Can anyone advise on this please. thanks in advance, Josh.
  10. Hi there, I'm Josh, I'm 19 from Bath, I recently brought a celestron travel scope 70 just as a starter scope, still trying to get to grips with the sky but had some lovely views of the moon, and I recently brought some badder solar film so now hoping for some nice weather! Anyway, hi to you all.
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