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  1. Hi Again sorry for the delay but as promised I am responding now that I have found finally seen it. It was last week, a clear night (the few that there are) and as you guys sad it was where you said it was:) It maybe wasnt quite as big in the scope as suggested by TLAO but it was still impressive. i am assuming the limited size was due to the conditions not being clear enough or maybe the light pollution. I looked best in the 12mm x-cel but again I am assuming if it was alli in view then a wider lens would have been needed. One thing i have learnt in my few weeks of stargazing is that it is ve
  2. Thanks for all the tips guys.....I'll try again once the skies are clear. Although that is one thing that I have found out since the arrival of by 200p... it is never clear I never realised just how many nights were cloudy Has anyone done the percentages of clear nights to cloudy as it must be very low. thanks again and i will post again once I have seen the elusive nebula.
  3. Hi All I have finally had the clear skies (maybe not) to have my first look at the orion nebula with my 200p dob. I used the supplied 25mm ep and a 12mm x-cel lx and all i could see were stars. I managed to see the the trapezium (i think) but my views were far from the ones shown in TLAorion. Was I looking in the wrong place or were the conditions not as clear as they needed to be. The fact that i could see the trapezium I assumed that i should be able to see the M42 / M43. Thanks for your comments adrian
  4. thanks for all your advice.....i'll keep hunting the skies and maybe get a telrad and / or a right angled finder to help the search
  5. Hi All Following my earlier post and the advice given and much research I finally received my Skywatcher Skyliner 200p Dob scope, WOW what a beast! With the included eyepieces I also have a 2X deluxe barlow and a celestron 12 mm x-cel lx and a copy of turn left at orion The skies had finally cleared enough for a try out this evening. Jupiter was great as was the moon......... both VERY VERY easy to find. However then the frustration started. Using google sky map to get the initial direction (not that accurate) and using turn left at orion I found "The big W". I was then struggling to match t
  6. Even more confused....... now I have 3 scopes to pick from. i assume the 200p gives you much more scope for your bucks
  7. Hi Thanks for the info. It was actually the 150p skywatcher with the EQ3-2 mount tat i was thinking of and not the 150p skyliner dob. how does this compare thanks
  8. Hi All I am about to purchase my 1st decent scope (my 1st and only one so far was a £30 argos scope 30 years ago) I have a budget of approx £350 and I have narrowed it down (i think) to either the explorer 150p or the nexstar 127slt. The nexstar seems good value at approx £350 only £50 more than the 150p which does not have the goto mount. Does this mean the optics are of far less quality on the 127slt to offset the cost of the GOTO. is it difficlut to find stuff without the goto? which of the 2 scopes gives better detail / mag? I am really undecided as to which one to go for and any advice f
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