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  1. My SW 80mm came with a system to bolt directly to the mount as in the attached photo. I attached a vixen clamp to the scope which mounts onto the vixen dovetail on top of the SCT. The clamp is a short ADM style removed from a Duo-T mount upgraded to dual ADM DV clamps.
  2. Better introduce your missus to all your other toys just so she knows what not to throw away.
  3. As shown in the photo, mounted on an 8" SCT, the length is 440 mm from the end of the diagonal to the end of the dew shield. The outside diameter of the dew shield is 100 mm.
  4. The spreader does stiffen the setup. They can be bought on line or a DIY done easy enough. Somewhat circular piece of plywood with a hole in the middle and some notches cut out to line up with the legs.
  5. I got this one, works fine, the price is right and the quality is good. https://www.astronomics.com/astro-tech-24mm-illuminated-centering-eyepiece_p18407.aspx
  6. You didn't say what size scope you are wanting the dew shield for. I had a 6" SCT and used some black craft foam and velcro from a big box store, at a length of twice the diameter it worked very well. However I tried the same approach for an 8" SCT and at a length of twice the diameter it was just a bit too floppy and would collapse so I had to make one of stiffer but still light weight material. I used 3/16 inch plywood.
  7. When i had a 6SE I observed with it down to -20C without any problems. Just don't trust AA batteries to work that well in the cold, better get an external 12 volt car booster type battery for it.
  8. Celestron 6SE: light weight, compact, very easy set up and align, easy goto, great optics, can be interfaced with Sky Safari via either the SkyWire or SkyFi. Get a 10mm EP to supplement the 25mm it comes with. Add a foam diy dew shield and an inexpensive 12 volt external battery. Good for planets, the moon, the sun with appropriate filter, doubles, clusters, and some nebulae. This is one of the best sub $1000 visual goto scope and mount buy there is. My daughter got hooked on astronomy when she was 6 years old with this scope and mount. Within four or five sessions she was aligning and observ
  9. Explore Scientific sell an add on absolute encoder type device which they call the "Telescope Drive Master" for the right ascension axis of some popular mounts such as the EQ6. The graph on their website shows tracking errors in the sub second range for an EQ6, a result normally only available in mounts costing several times the price of an EQ6.
  10. My 200mm SW reflector came with one of those as well as one for the smaller eyepieces. It's a nice feature since I can reach focus with my DSLR when I remove this spacer and attach the camera directly to the focus tube with the correct camera adapter.
  11. I second the EQ6 suggestion. Nice mount for the money with a good history and tons of online support. Lots of payload to handle imaging gear and can easily be auto-guided either by itself or through some good free computer based applications. It might not be the most refined looking piece of kit but it does work. IMHO the next best buy is the EQ8.
  12. You can usually save a bit of money if you don't go for the latest doodads. The Skywatcher Synscan handset alignment routines might not be the latest and greatest but they are real easy to use and are often updated.
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