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  1. Gain's Astro Emporium Open!!!! Haha .... the cameras in question are the QHY5LII mono and colour versions. They are excellent guide and planetary cameras with high frame rates. up until last week they were £229 and £185 but there is currently a special sale on them at £139 and £129 which is a remarkable discount for such advanced cameras. If you are interested then get in touch and I may get you a further discount :-)
  2. Congratulations to you both...many years of joy and happiness to come! ps..how much do you want for your mount and frac ? :-)
  3. Another successful meeting followed by gorgeous pork chops and curried bacon.... Company wasn't too bad either! Great night! Btw.I still think we should have one lecture meeting at the Lounge. A sort of dinner with speech evening and then get to throw food at the speaker if we disapprove!
  4. Thanks D.Technology has certainly progressed amateur astronomy! Sadly it has also given us light pollution and cloudy nights.
  5. Thanks Soupy.. Looking forward to more hands on astronomy! Just need the cloud gods to go on holiday!
  6. Three decades ago, I remember struggling to pick up a hint of nebulosity with my scope and film camera... Nowadays, a short 200mm telephoto and a digital camera will get you this in 30mins...you just have to love technology!
  7. Inverting my previous comet image shows the ion tail extending four degrees! Shame it wasn't that much of a visual treat!
  8. Trying my best V...just need a few more tips from you then the Rebel Alliance will be destroyed once and for all! The dark side will conquer
  9. Thanks D.A good coincidence with M51 and a tail passing through Alkaid
  10. Thanks Soupy, hope you're good and looking forward to our catchup in the usual place!
  11. My first process of Comet CK2013US10(Catalina) from the Yorkshire Dales. M51 whirlpool galaxy is the obvious Messier object in the field and the bright star is Alkaid the end star in the Great Bear. The comet is showing two tails. Image was taken with a Canon 5D dslr with a 200mm lens. Along with Vicky and Tony, we all had a very memorable evening under a dark starlit sky.
  12. We'll sort something out Adam...Might be a good idea to pop round when I go through an AP session with Vicky!
  13. It's not that difficult Adam. You just have to be systematic in your approach to AP. Keep an eye on your equipment choice, procedure and technique. This applies to data acquisition as well as image processing. ... Personally, I'm pretty shabby and lazy at this compared to some of the greats that I have come across. The journey is endless but you continually improve as well as enjoy an increase in frustration and witness a decreasing bank balance at the same time!
  14. Incidently, whilst we're on the subject of imaging comets...this was comet Lovejoy I took a year ago from the snow capped Yorkshire Dales. Do you remember it?
  15. Thanks guys for the compliments The actual data was acquired from a remote scope in New Mexico as I got tired of waiting for that elusive clear spell. The whole process was a bit more convoluted than anticipated as the comet is a moving target with no fixed Ra/dec points. It's amazing how you take for granted the process of pointing by looking through a viewfinder to check its there! Anyway, I got a 10 minute window and grabbed a five minute luminance sub. Then spent a good hour trying to tease out the tails from the image. So result is the tails are easily identified however the image is a little pushed and over stretched. Hoping I get another chance to do it again properly!
  16. Comet CK2013US10 (Catalina) imaged this morning. Takahashi FSQ 106 1x300s luminance. (1 x 5 minute exposure). The galaxy lower left of the comet is barred spiral NGC 5383 which is 110 million light years from Earth.
  17. Great image Paul...Can't view the animation however! Will check it out the next time we meet up.
  18. Finally watched Star Wars today.. Absolutely loved it......We used to be weekly visitors to the cinema until the day we became three then the cinema became fantasy island! Good luck to you Matt and your partner on the big day and hope all goes well.
  19. A fab meeting was had by all! AGM>Astronomy>Hail>PUB>more Astronomy Only thing missing was pork chops and curried bacon sarnies! Great seeing everyone in good spirits! I grabbed this image on our second visit!
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