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  1. Drove to a darkish dark-site, a big green space although still in the city. Lied down and was treated very well. Started seeing meteors moments after arrival around 11:45pm and stayed until 02:45. Peak times where we saw the most was about 12:30 to 1:30 I'd say. Saw some spectacular ones, long bright white fireballs which left a smoke trail that lasted seconds after. There were orange ones too. Do the colours have anything to do with the objects size or speed I wonder as it travels through the atmosphere? Visibility was so clear last night I could see the faint banding off the milky wa
  2. Hehe, no worries it's good to pick up on this knowledge - now I know what to look out for next time! I definitely need to try viewing it away from my back garden though, once I have past my driving test I will be taking my scope on lots of travels, especially to my local astro group. Could always travel further south to get Saturn higher in the sky although not always the most feasible option.
  3. Have recently been able to observe Saturn more frequently as it pops up inbetween the houses at an earlier time. I have been 2x Barlowing a 8mm EP with my 200p getting a x300 mag and the views have been fantastic. From what I had read I thought it would be too blurred to look at at this level of mag but infact the clarity has been very impressive. The banding was very clear and the outside ring was distinct. Bearing in mind the seeing conditions have been good this past week - is anyone else getting particularly good results with high magnification of late?
  4. Yes is that a fine focuser? I will give it a go tomorrow with an optimistic view on a clear night. Thanks for getting back
  5. I'm getting it with the Starguider 8mm BST explorer. It is very distracting...
  6. Now this would make a lot of sense as it seemed to happen most when looking at Jupiter. So I can take this as a general occurrence and not as an EP fault then... Still quite annoying and didn't seem to experience it with my other eyepiece. Hmmmm.
  7. Hi, Just bought a new eyepiece and gave it a try out. I noticed a single bright dot that flew around the view erratically. At first I thought it may be a fly or something in the scope but when I looked there was nothing there. I thought I'd try again the next night and the same thing happened. I tried it with my factory eyepiece the one that came with the scope and it wasn't there. Does this sound like a faulty eyepiece? Has anyone else experience something similar? Thanks, guy
  8. Very nice and very clear! Well done.
  9. Was well worth the wait. The colour came across slightly greenish and I could definantly make out some small moon like specks. I'm guessing Titan is the brightest do you know? Feel unfortunate to not be able to witness it any earlier. I had to wait until 5am before it showed in the gap between our houses haha. Anyhow might bring it out onto the street next time and ignore the weird looks I get. Glad you guys had good viewings!
  10. Tired but paitently waiting for Saturn to appear between my house and the neighbours, a small gap but the only possible view I can see it from my back garden. Haven't viewed it yet since I bought my telescope so quite looking forward to it. South west england finally been getting a few decent clear skies in succession which is good! Currently thinking about taking the scope out into the street so I can view Saturn now haha. Anyone done this before?
  11. No just bought the telescope and that was it. I've only had one chance to look at the moon and although very bright I didn't think a moon filter was essential. I had to strain my neck a bit to look through the finderscope at first but then found a good crouching method which I don't mind doing for setting up the view. So I'd say leave the telrad until after you've tried the scope and then think about getting one if you think it will make a big difference.
  12. It would be great if someone could recommend me some eyepieces for it. Ideally I think it would be best to go for a high powered one first so I can look at Jupiter. On a low budget, so I was thinking of getting the 6.3mm Plossl from: http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-skywatcher-super-plossl-6-3mm-eyepiece.htm Keep hearing about BST's being really good but £47 is a bit steep for me now. Is it worth holding out till I can afford it or are there any other cheaper recommended ones that will be better than the set that came with telescope? and for high power I read you want it to be a 3/4 of you
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