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  1. Got this using my phone through the super cheap 20mm supplied.. It puts the lotion on its skin!
  2. Quick snap with my PnS Powershot SX30 IS.. Pales in comparison to 100% of photos on here, but I was happy with it! It puts the lotion on its skin
  3. Thanks! Took quite some time to plan and pull off.. I had pretty much every aspect of it automated... I could flip 2 switches and do a 100 gallon water change.. It puts the lotion on its skin!
  4. Ended up snagging the Astromaster 130eq for $179.. It arrived yesterday and I got it all assembled and the collimation checked and adjusted today.. and wouldn't ya know it.. had nothing but thick cloud cover, but tonight its as clear as it can possibly be! Wooohooo! It puts the lotion on its skin!
  5. Got the remote shutter built and tested.. works great.. Now I'm trying to figure out how to build a cheap mount.. problem being the camera lens are is much bigger than the 1.25" EP.. It puts the lotion on its skin!
  6. Wow! Thats amazing! I hope one day I can figure out how to pull that off! It puts the lotion on its skin!
  7. Thanks for all the replies.. I've been digging through the site and reading as much as I possibly can.. somehow my hobbies turn into insane obsessions.. Example: I always had small fresh water aquariums when I was younger.. then in highschool I set up a 30 gallon Saltwater tank.. it turned into this.. I've already been reading on how to build a remote shutter release for my camera.. its a Canon Powershot SX30 IS.. not the best in the world but I'm pretty sharp with Photoshop.. Put CHDK on it this morning so I can shoot raw with better exposure times.. Back to reading.. thanks again for all the info.. It puts the lotion on its skin!
  8. Thanks a lot!! I wonder if it would be easier to save the $100 and buy the Celestron and use that money on a few upgrades since the 10" dob is in the near future.. I did find a Zhumell Z8 on eBay for $200 but it was local pickup about 900 miles away.. figures.. It puts the lotion on its skin!
  9. My daughter is 8 years old and very very interested in the hobby (works great for me, because I have also had a long time curiosity). She is very mature and very methodical with everything... Upon first look, of course I ran into Celestron first and the 127eq caught my eye.. seems like big bang for the buck, then I read some threads on here.. I have decided to bump up the coin to around $250 (US) and found a 4.5" Orion Dobsonian (I tried to search here, but let's be honest... Orion is in waaaaaay more posts than equipment only..) Was wondering on any thoughts about this one.. I could go higher but she is wanting it for Christmas and all that jazz.. if she stick with the hobby, Great!! If not, it will be inherited by me.. so, assuming soon down the road I would need to procure some new EP's that's fine with me.. A friend of mine has a Zhumell Z10 he is thinking about upgrading from in the next 6 months, so that is also in the future and I would just assume wait, but she HAS (as she says) to have it for Christmas.. Thanks in advance.. It puts the lotion on its skin!
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