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  1. As I recall at least one of the lights looked as if it had been vandalised many moons ago, the others were really dirty and looked as if they had not been maintained either. The light near the hut and in front of the house would have been a big problem if it was working. The first time we went there we were biting our nails as darkness was falling wondering if the light was going to come on. If it had then my son's mate was going to shin up the lamp post (they are not very tall) and cover it with a blanket. Obviously we would have got the ok from the house holder first. We were hoping to get
  2. Hmm, that's interesting, when we went a few months ago none of the approx 4 lights were working (thankfully) and looked as if they haven't done so for some time. No sign of a red light antennae by boat moorings either, just an illuminated anglers permit paying machine by a small hut, which we covered with a blanket. We were well pleased with both sky conditions and horizons, when it wasn't cloudy that is, which cut our visits short the twice we've been there.
  3. Nice meeting you on friday night Paul. Pity it was a bit windy for imaging. The cloud that rolled in just before you departed failed to clear so we weren't far behind you. Look forward to seeing your photographs once you get over your teething probs. I'm sure you'll get some cracking shots at Usk.
  4. Can anyone be sure that these other brands are the same quality as WO SPLs? Is the glass, coatings, QC as good. I notice that Altair doesn't mention blackened lens edges, which is a feature of the WO's.
  5. The 6mm is very nice in my 200p dob. Sharp to edge of field and comfortable to use. I've had some great views of Jupiter & Saturn in good conditions, M13 wasn't half bad either.
  6. Good spot innit! Glad you had a great night and look forward to seeing your photos.
  7. Don't think you'll go far wrong with Usk res. We looked at Cray res, but went with Usk as it's a bit further away from the valleys light pollution, and as I mentioned.. it's a nice little spot to observe from.
  8. Just saw the BBC forecast for tonight...looks as if I'll be giving myself a real good kicking before long! The country lane from Trecastle is not well sign posted. So if, like us you don't have sat nav, then just keep going for about 4 miles or so until you see some conifer forestry in the distance, carry on to junction and go right - there is a sign post there. Hope you have a good night...
  9. Visited Usk Resevoir nr Trecastle for the first time last night, which is reputed to be one of the best dark sky sites within the national park. We set up at the car park, which is the only suitable observing spot there really. Nice flat grassy area to set up on with handy picnic bench, good horizons all round except for portion of north-west, which is blocked by some trees. Unfortunately for us we got clouded out at around 11pm so can't really give a proper assesment. However what we did see up until then was pretty good...the double cluster and M31 easily visible to naked eye, plenty of stru
  10. If the national park is an 'international dark sky reserve' and Usk Resevoir is said to be one of the best dark sky sites within the reserve, then I'm curious as to why have they have street lights (if active) there, especially at such a remote location?
  11. Cheers SunBear. My brother had gout a few years ago....not very nice at all!! A depressive cocktail more like!... I was pretty zonked for much of the time when taking that lot on a regular basis. Also had some really freaky vivid dreams ....a couple of them were quite pleasant though!
  12. Thanks for that tenbyfifty. It's surprising how many people get at least one bout of sciatica in their lifetime. Apparently it clears up in most folk after a week or two but others can have it for months....fingers crossed on that one. It also varies in the degree of pain one gets. The first couple of weeks i had it, combined with the arthritis, was absolute hell, and despite taking a cocktail of morphine, diazepam and codeine/paracetamol to combat the pain I was still left in a lot of discomfort. Thankfully It has eased a bit this last fortnight enabling me to cut back on the pain relief, b
  13. Flare-ups of my rheumatoid arthritis, which have become more frequent this last year or so. Had one about two months back, which put me out of action and had to have a steroid jab to calm things down. Unfortunately as the arthritis began to ease I got hit with acute sciatica, which I've never had before, and has well and truly put pay to my observing and most other things for that matter. Except for visits to the hospital and my GP I've been confined to the house for the last five weeks and most of that is spent flat on my back on the setee... I can't stay on my feet for more than a hal
  14. That's what I use - they're just the ticket.
  15. Best seen when on centre of disc, but If conditions are decent you should be able to see it just fine for the best part of an hour each side of the central meridian.
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