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    ISS ?

    Very clear. It really motors on. Wonder how fast its going.
  2. I have a skymax 127 but with Supatrak, will this work with stellarium ?
  3. I have the Skymax 127 and its brilliant for viewing the planets. I`m still getting to grips with my web cam.
  4. Did`nt realise Bu*g*r was an offensive word
  5. [removed word] it, bought one, only £31 inc P&P.
  6. Thinking of extending my eye piece collection with a skywatcher 32mm. Any comments on this eye piece? Peter.
  7. I had some cracking views of jupiter, and i deceided to go to M42, about 5 mins of clear views then the dreaded cloud came in. Went back inside moaning about cloud and her indoors says well thats astology for you isnt it?............Hmmm......(thinks....you stupid woman. shades of alo alo)
  8. Hi, which colour moon filters should I have in my armoury. Peter
  9. Im near Porthmadog (temp) and theres dark skies here. (when its not raining) Last year I spent two months near Thurstaston and it was quite good considering the LP from nearby Birkenhead.
  10. I`m in North Wales at the moment (clear sky) and i`ve just put my scope out.17:37Hrs. Fingers crossed.
  11. Decided to go with one with a IR lense already fitted.
  12. A lot of newbies see colour photos of galaxys and clusters from the likes of Hubble and expect the same image from their scope.
  13. Will I need an IR filter with the adapter? I will be using it with my mak-cass.
  14. I love my 127 mak-cass. The only downside with it I found was finding objects (small field of view & small finder scope). I got around the problem by fitting a Rigel. This scope is so easy to transport around. I move around the country alot with my job and it`s the perfect scope for my needs. Pete
  15. Just a to say thanks to First Light Optics for such a quick service and wow the Rigel is fantastic. Used to struggle to find my way about the sky, but not any more. A great piece of kit. Peter
  16. I just run a lead from the house and plug in a tip pos 240v to 12v el cheapo plug type transformer. If I want to go further I put rechargables in the bat holder and presto. Dont know anything about these compressors, Pete
  17. If you are not sure that the plug you are about to use is`nt tip pos, use a meter to check. Simples. Pete
  18. Is this the one fron Rother Valley Optics http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/images/newwebcamadaptor.jpg cheers Pete
  19. Hi and welcome to the forum. There is a good club in Cleethorpes, but might be a bit too far.
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