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  1. Thank you all very much for the very helpful info. Recoating looks good. No pun intended.
  2. Thanks guys. I`ll get the mirrors done and tidy up the body. Its been at the back of the shed in its boxes for 8yrs
  3. Thanks for the input gents, the secondary also needs to be re-coated.
  4. I have had my Tal 2M 6 inch newtonian since 1998 and the mirrors have just about had it. (main has a scratch and foxing) I use my Skywatcher 127 mak/cass at the moment but I would like to get the old Tal back in commission because of the field of view aspect. 6 inch newts have come down in price these years and I was wondering would it be cheaper to buy another 6 newtonian or get the mirrors recoated.
  5. Instead of buying this rubbish I would recommend a pair of bino`s.
  6. Thanks for the info gents, sorry for the delay in thanking you all but work commitments. Pete
  7. Hi all, just changed my pc and I am now stuck with windows 8 (ugh) I have found that windows 8 does`nt support my trusty xbox camera. Has anyone got any ideas for a cheap camera which works with windows 8. Many thanks, Pete
  8. I believe its 1/4" UNC (camera thread) I tried the bolt on my camera and it fits perfect. Pete
  9. Hi guys, Its a M6 but the threads on M6 bolts are to fine. The threads are coarse. Pete
  10. Hi, i`m thinking of making a pier for my Skywatcher 127 makcass so I can get rid of the tripod. Can anyone tell me what size is the bolt that fixes the cradle to the tripod please . Many thanks Pete
  11. Can anyone tell me what size is the tip connector on the skywatcher 127 supatrak power supply (12v 1 amp tip pos) Many thanks Pete. not sure if its 12mm x 5mm
  12. Can anyone tell me what size is the tip connector on the skywatcher 127 supatrak power supply (12v 1 amp tip pos) Many thanks Pete. not sure if its 5.5mm x 2.1mm
  13. When I bought my TAL some years ago it came with a so called `solar filter` which went over the eye piece. This was immediately binned. Most nasty bit of kit.
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreceated, Pete
  15. Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my skywatcher star diagonal. The one I have at the moment is the one that came with my 127 makcass. Any ideas of some recommendations would be great. Pete
  16. I have a 127 as well. Not bad little scope. Field of vision a bit tight though.
  17. I notice that they have no prices on the web page.
  18. The trip.od legs on my skywatcher 127 mac/cass are rubbish. Thinking of replacing them. Lpeek have you thought of a dob.
  19. I have the supatrak and my advice is to pay the extra and go for the goto version. If you get the supatrak and you want to upgrade later it will cost you over £100.
  20. Mr. Moore always said the minimum size for a refractor should be 4" and for a reflector 6".
  21. I have a skywatcher skymax 127 mac/cass with supatrak and I was thinking of upgrading the system with a skywatcher V3 synscan handset to make it become a goto. Will the upgrade work on my mount. It is the same as the synscan mount. Pete
  22. Thank you to everyone for the comments. I will go for the Hyperion EPs, possible 12mm to start with. Ta, Pete
  23. And they say we are the only life in the universe.......ahem............
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