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  1. As processing can be such a lonely exercise, I thought it would be really helpful to see what (if anything) someone could get out of a .tif file in PS or GIMP so I can see what an image is capable of under the right processing skills. The trouble when you've got nobody alongside you with more experience, is that it's really easy to just blame the setup/focus/exposures etc.. as you have no idea what detail can be extracted from an image. If anyone would like a crack at it, I'd be really appreciative and interested. Here's M51 from last night. Stacked in DSS. 10x60 sec subs through an ED80 and 1100D with ten darks. Not the longest exposure for this sort of target I'm sure, but if anyone fancies a go I'd be really interested nonetheless. An Astronomik CLD filter was used so it'll be a little blue. http://dropcanvas.com/n7f23/1 The image will seem really dark but M51 is in there towards the bottom, just left of the middle.
  2. Does that include fainter objects such as galaxies? I had imagined that something larger like a c9.25 would provide more detail here,
  3. I forgot to mention that imaging DSO is my main interest if I had to pick one. However I love planetary observing and imaging with my SPC900 too. It'd really have to be a great all round performer.
  4. Hey, So since the addiction started late last year, I have gone from a 200P dob to see how I enjoyed the hobby, to an ED80 on an NEQ6 pro, with an 1100D and a ton of other goodies. I'm having a great time at the moment learning my way through imaging, but there is a good chance I will have some cash free up soon and am keen to spend it on a scope upgrade. When I bought my ED80 a month or so ago, I had no idea this money would become available and so at the time decided it was probably the best way to spend money in the pursuit of imaging. However now I have the money, I would like a purchase which will provide me both a significant upgrade in imaging, but also in observing quality. The amount I will have is about £1,000 and from looking around, the C9.25 seems like a pretty decent buy. Can anyone confirm that would provide an increase in observing and imaging quality worth this financial outlay? If not, how would you spend the money to best get the largest improvements in imaging and observing?
  5. I think I figured it out. Apologies for the wasted post.
  6. I was playing around imaging M51 last night and managed to get 10 nice 60 second exposures through my ED80 and 1100D However, the issue I'm having is that although I can see M51 in the RAW 1100D files, when I put the images into DSS they seem to get a lot darker so I can't see them at all. Even when stacked they are are still incredibly dark. Is this a common thing?
  7. You sir, have saved my last clear sky for the next week. If I ever meet you, I will buy you a beer.
  8. Yeah. I had a feeling it would be something daft. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Looking at it, I think the issue is that the ED80 comes with a diagonal that is 2", but has a 1.25" adaptor for it. The 1.25 doesn't have any sort of thread for the T-Ring to screw onto though. I presume this is where my issue lies or am I just being massively daft? So with it looking like I have the wrong T-ring from FLO, can anyone point me in the direction of the correct one please ?
  10. I'm thinking this is another stupid question from me - most of mine are..however I'm struggling to see how I can connect my 1100D with the T-ring to the ED80. I can't see how to connect it either to the diagonal, or directly onto the scope. The T-Ring is the 1100D AF one ordered from FLO. Anyone able to offer up some advice?
  11. Ah that looks pretty nice. What is that you are using to grip the cable there?
  12. So I guess to test this I should set it up from the mains instead and see if the light flickers. If it doesn't flicker, then that should eliminate any connection issues on the mount itself and isolate the problem to the PSU?
  13. I went out for an evening with my neq6 pro last night for the first time. I was overjoyed when I had it all working. I saw Saturn for the first time and generally had a great evening. My only issue though was the power supply. The red power light was blinking and flashing consistently throughout the night. I am using a 17Ah Skywatcher power supply which is in good working order and was fully charged for 24 hours prior to going out. The mount performed a three star alignment without a problem and tracked accurately for the whole 3 or so hours we were out, but the LED blinked constantly. So a couple of quick questions: * Is this normal or is it indicative of a problem? Does it look like there is an issue with the PSU or something? * I found that the power cable fell out really easily. I knocked it once or twice when using the handset and had to realign the damn thing. Anyone else have this problem with a sensitive power cable? Thanks in advance guys.
  14. That contrast seems literally unbelievable. If I saw it on their site advertising the product I'd think it was fake. Stunning. I was ordering one of these soon so appreciate you taking the time to let us know the results it brings.
  15. I've never got involved in bidding wars on ebay. I wait until there is 8 seconds left and enter when I would pay for the item. Anyone who gets a serious adrenaline rush from bidding on ebay needs to get out more..
  16. I didn't notice you say you had edited my image. No, don't mind at all! It's really helpful to see what others can get out of your footage/images so you know how much you have to learn. A better job than me. Well done
  17. Lee that second image is stunning. If I manage to bag an image like that I will be extremely proud. Well done mate.
  18. James, I plan to use I for planetary imaging, but also to give me more viewing options. I sold my 200p dob along with the 25mm and 10mm eps that came with it. That leaves me with an 18mm,28mm and a 7mm. I have a 2x Barlow, but it's very low quality. So a bit of both really.
  19. I really, really enjoyed this film. I have recently started to learn about Feynman and this coincided with that nicely. Thanks a lot for the link.
  20. Hey there. Welcome to the SGL!
  21. Hi Dave and welcome to the SGL
  22. I had another go at processing and stacking. Then actually managed to get a bit of joy out of the wavelets. Quite pleased with this now:
  23. I have a 2 x barlow and want to get a 3 x to give me more imaging options with my SPC900. I'm looking at a Televue 3 x. Can anyone confirm this is the ideal candidate? I don't mind spending good money if the results will be worth it. I have found it online at £100. Wanted to get confirmation before I pull the trigger on the purchase. Thanks in advance guys.
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