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  1. 18mm Lens gone as well as mount. Scope still available. Will be put up on ebay this week.
  2. Hi all, So, time has come to sell my beloved astro gear. With two young daughters and a new job meaning I work shifts, I need to sell this stuff and hopefully buy it all back again whenever I find time in my life to "re-indulge". Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro - Synscan - £700 with accompanying Maplins powern supply (http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/5-in-1-power-station-with-air-compressor-a67hy) . Weights are in good condition, with the odd mark here and there. Good condition throughout. It also has the upgraded Adjustment bolts - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skywatcher-EQ6-HEQ5-NEQ6-mount-Upgraded-
  3. Hi there. Yep. Still have them. Sitting on my desk in front of me right now. My parents live on Walmley Road so I can have them dropped there in the morning for you to collect tomorrow evening or at the weekend if you like? I'll PM you the address.
  4. Hi there, Great stuff. Will confirm tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay today. Didn't get home before kids went to bed. Anthony.
  5. Hi Dave, I believe I still have them. They're in the cupboard in my daughters room so I can't check this evening, but can have a look tomorrow for you mate. I'm near Spitfire Island by the Fort, Erdington. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, Still got these up for sale. ADM Minidovetail Guidescope Rings - 125mm - £55 Happy to post by whatever method you would like. Just add it to the cost and I'll get it arranged
  7. Hi all, Still downsizing my astro imaging equipment so this is up for sale. Also included is an ADM dovetail in addition to the provided one and a Bahtinov mask. In great over all condition with only the small signs of wear you would attribute to a telescope a few years old. Has absolutely no dents or significant marks on it at all. Optics have no defects or issues whatsoever. If anyone would like to inspect before purchase they are more than welcome. A great scope that has generated some really great
  8. Hi there Doug,

    I would imagine recorded would probably cost a fiver?  I'll bubble wrap it and put it in a box for safety.



  9. Totally welcome Rae. Glad you're happy with it. Doug, very sorry for not replying to you. Again, I didn't get a notification you'd posted. I will PM you now.
  10. CLS filter sold. ST80 sold pending payment tomorrow. Guidescope rings sold pending payment.
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