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  1. Lucky that we still have enough of our conscious to do think before purchasing something, right? hahahaha and you are right that Paypal sign is there, but you can't even click on any of them. What they did is just something like "copy and paste" but I just wondering why they are so scared of Paypal?
  2. I just e-mail them once again (and pretending to order it) : telling them that I'll go for SkyWatcher 16" Black Diamonds DOB 1 item, and I am happy and prefer to pay via Paypal. Here is what I got for the answer " sorry, but we don't do Paypal for one item" So, they are trying to ask it's not OK
  3. Yes, rainy season has ended but not for the southern part of Thailand, it's will always rains there . For the other parts, there will be the cooler wind from China blowing here, so this is mean that Thailand will have a bit cooler weather from now on (until early February) and a bit cooler at night time (good for going out at night, dancing with the stars and our own telescopes ) The sun is always shining here where I am, but I always hiding from the sun rays hahahaha (too hot and humid) but great is, sky will be so perfectly clear every night luckily that I live in the countryside, so I can see always see it. About purchasing a new telescope. In one side of hand, I am about stop the thought of purchasing for a while, but on the other hands, I just keep reading more and more about mirror parabolic sandwich telescope which is about 16" to 32" that is more interesting. Thank you anyhow. Really wish you a nice X'mas trip here in Thailand, and of course if you need help please feel free, I'm here to assist
  4. ThaiStargazer

    my first view of the moon

    This is my first view of the moon and Venus. It wasn't perfectly clear as we can see through the scope with our eyes. I took it with iPhone4, quite shaky, 'caz I'm holding it with my hand. ^_^ but really impressed Details; 50.8% of moon 29 April 2012 20.35 p.m. Northern Latitude, Hueckelhoven, Germany. Omegon 114900 EQ1 Reflector telescope with 25mm and 10 mm eyepieces. Capture with iPhone4
  5. Thank you in advanced for every comment from everyone. Of course, there are some local dealer here, but I was thinking about I will take to to be last choice. Now, time for this last choice I think :-) To Whooshbang .... Now, Thailand having such a great time for night sky. My province is Kanchanaburi, western part. We almost having a clear sky every night. Welcome you to Thailand again and wish you for a great time and safe :-)
  6. :-) Oh, sorry for the confusing. Thing is Sporttelescope is using Andrew's picture as the picture that showing in the webpage. Then I just thought it might be his new site, but it isn't, and that website is using his picture without any permission. So, I really don't know whether that (sporttelescope) is scam or real.
  7. Really thank you for this topic. I was about going to buy it :-( Never ever thought about anything performance (only looking for price and bigger/bigger and bigger) "The bigger you get, the best view you have, and lower price" hahaha always having such a bad opinion. Luckily that I've found this topic, and then I have to become a member of the lounge here :-) and of course, I am still looking for bigger than my 4.5" Omegon :-)
  8. I don't know whether anyone else here ever come up with the website which is seems too good to be true and tend to be SCAMS!!?? This is the website that I'm talking about http://sportstelesco...lescope.com���� or maybe this website is not a fraud, I don't know. Does anybody ever purchase something from this website? Story was, I was looking for buying a new bigger telescope in the internet which provides internationally shipping(to Thailand). I've found Skywatcher 16" Black Diamond Colla DOB with the price $1,389 (seems normal) but !!!! I was trying to check the shipping cost (which is known as something can be higher price than the scopes' prices) but the website offer "FREE SHIPPING (To Thailand)"!!! To be honest, in that time I was happy that I found something call as "free" but I just decided to contact them, asking whether is it true that is really free shipping. I've got very rapidly reply e-mail from them, was saying about it's true, because of their monthly promotion. Then, I decided to sent an e-mail to protelescope which Mr.Andrew Green is the owner, and asking whether that website is theirs?? The answer was "NO" hahaha then you know the sound when the dream of cheap and free things hitting the ground sound. Haahahahaha Anyhow, I still keep searching to buy a new telescope which is bigger than my Omegon 114-900 (4.5"). Any recommend? Nan
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