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  1. great and very logical ideas folks - and very much appreciated - too.... its been that long since lcear skies I cant find all the research I did for the last wash-out will check the wind - I think its supposed to be easing off around 1700 onwards - but will try for a bit of shelter - have some ideas that will help there thanks again Al
  2. Hi folks I aim to try a dark site for 1st time at around 1800-2100 tonite - will be using an F5 200p on visual what targets to aim for? it will be great to minimise LPwith a scope - for the first time! cheers al
  3. thanks for the info Josh - I think I will purchase a lighter blue - and see how that goes the polarising filter is variable so it goes from very little (almost opaque) to amost 100% transmission - but when set for sufficient dimming detail is deffo lost cheers al
  4. hi perrin - the mag varies on conditions anywhere from around 70 to 180 - I find around 110-140ish is most reliable tried 180+ but it never seems to render more detail cheers Al
  5. Hi folks I find the glare from Jupiter makes it difficult to see detail - there is lots of flaring around the edge if I move my eye slightly - and loads of image retention on my retina which confuses things - its very hard to keep a steady gaze going for more than a few seconds (maybe its my lack of experience) I tried a variable polarising filter - but this did not really help as i had to dim it down so much that the detail suffered from reading posts - I understand that colour filters are mainly aimed at imaging? - but is it worth buying a colour filter to help reduce glare without losing
  6. not sure if this helps - but i tried my new ES 30mm 82 degree in my 200p for the first time last night - using the standard 2" extender - and it focussed around mid-travel on the focusser - so it sounds odd that the should be so much difference between 30mm EPs - given that the eye releief is in the same ballpark maybe try the set up in daylight with a terestrial target? just as a cross reference Al
  7. thanks all well what a north south divide in the end all my targets were northbound - and the cloud reached from the nortehrn horizon to just above my house so the only target achieved was a very fuzzy M31 centre smudge still - at least the seeing to the north was pretty good - to I went tactical - superb views of the orion neb which took any mage you fancied - trapezium was pin sharp and jupiter is just showing off at present - what a gorgeous display! lets hope the weather obliges for the multi-jupiter transit on day after tomorrow wishing you good seeing folks al
  8. the reason for the poor forecasting vision is simple - and it relates to 70% proof and new years eve at the MET office! - and i dont blame em since its also my plan for ce soir!
  9. I certainly put the mockers on that! just zeroing in on the ring - hello unforecast cloud base! try again in 30 mins sorry folks al
  10. wow now i have a long list - which is useful for tree dodging thanks fellas! happy chasing al
  11. sorry not allowed to edit didn't twig the 81-82 = bodes - doh!
  12. yeah Jason - still clouds around here 2 - but the patches of blue are getting bigger just waitin for the off with fingers crossed ...... thanks for the 81 & 82 & Auriga - good idea hope it clears for you (and me) Al
  13. Hi folks, and a happy new year to all...... forecast is supposed to be clear tonite until 2200 here in Devon just in case they are right - any suggestions for additional DSOs to add to my target list? list do far , hercules GC (if its not tool low), bode's, ring neb (A much awaited return bout), the dumbell neb; and, the double double and suggestion has to be highish since I am surrounded by hills and trees any ideas much appreciated thanks in advance Al
  14. haha - newsyears morning? now thats a stargazing adict! well At least i stopped at 11:45! - yes it was poor seeing but I got 1st light for my ES 82 30mm - its been looking at me for a fortnight since it arrived - asking me why I have been ignoring it Al
  15. thanks guys - sounds logical to me - will suss out how to collimate using a film canister from previous threads
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