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  1. That is class! Well done mate. Chris
  2. Hello to you all, Thanks very much for all the tips and advice, much appreciated. Am going to have a look through some on-line shops and create a dent in my credit card. Thnaks again will post the results (if they're any good!). Thanks again for your time in replying. Chris
  3. Hi again everyone, I'm really beginning to get into astro photography but am only using my mobile phone camera held up against the eyepiece (don't laugh!!!). Am now looking to get into this a little more seriously and need some advice about web cam hardware (want to go down the web cam route), adapter requirements, software, where to purchase the gear from and anything else you feel I need to know. I understand the Toucam is perhaps the best but I stand corrected. I imaging that this topic has been discussed before so if anyone has any links to other threads that would also be good. Don't ask for much do I!!! Cheers in anticipation, Chris
  4. Cheers for all the comments folks. Love what you've done with the picture Skyguy, looks wonderful. As Ian says it's amazing how much detail can be achieved with the right piece of software. I really must get myself the proper kit myself, am really getting into this! Chris
  5. Argghhhhhh. Picture the story. Beautifully clear sky, missus out and a quiet night on my own and a full case of lager!!! Great. Got all set up and the moment I put the plug into the power tank - cloud, everywhere. However, not to moan (not too much anyway) I was very patient and managed to get about 10 minutes of lunar observation and a glimps of Saturn. And then the power tank failed!!! My fault though, haven't charged it for ages. So there I was embracing an 8inch tube in my back gardern trying to manoeuvre the damn into place. What must the neighbours think. Anyway got my mobile phone camera to the eyepiece and took some pictures. Have attached one to this message and will put a few more in the gallery. Let me know what you think. Hope you've had a little more luck than I've had. Oh well, still have the beers and match of the day is on. Bye for now, Chris
  6. Hello all, No viewing for ages!! Clouds clouds clouds. Anyway enough of that. I'm looking for some advice about the Celestron NexImage Kit. It appears to be a reasonably priced way of getting into astro-photography. Just wondering if anyone has, or does use it and is the quality any good. Also if anynoe has any images gained from this equipment that would be nice. Cheers in anticipation, Chris
  7. Hi all I'm looking for a bit of advice. Got a 8inch Celestron reflector with goto for my birthday in February and have only had a couple of opportunities to use it thanks to the cloud. Being ever hopeful I will be getting it out more often in the future!! When I've used it I didn't align it, just a bit of 'point and look'. I was wondering if anyone else has a similar system that uses the 3 star align system and if they have any tips for me when it comes to alignment. I tried the auto-align but it was well out. The scope was pointing far too low. Any tips or ideas would be most greatfully appreciated. Bet I sound like a right moron!! Cheers Chris
  8. christo

    Hi all!!!

    Thanks for making me feel at home folks. Will see you all around. Chris
  9. Hello, Was out last week and was viewing Saturn and had the idea of taking a picture with my Sony Ericsson K750i (2 mega pixel) and this is the result. Not the best I grant you but my first picture nevertheless. Looking forward to some more nights out very soon, providing the cloud clears! Cheers Chris
  10. christo

    Hi all!!!

    Hello to everyone. I'm Chris living in Durham but orginally from Northampton. I've owned a Skywatcher 130m for about a year, but recently upgraded to a Celestron 8 inch reflector with GOTO which has really kick started my interest. Had only a hadful of opportunities to get out and actually view using my new scope and wow. Saturn is amazing to see 'in the flesh'. I'm fortunate that there is very little light pollution where I live so looking forward to lots of good sessions. Anyway enough about me, hope to speak to you all soon, I'm a real amature so will be looking for lots of advice but hope I can contribute something also. Chris
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