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  1. Hi, A cracking result, very impressive. Chris
  2. Great images there guys. Albireo is a fab summer target and you've both done it justice. Chris
  3. Nice report mate, thanks for posting. Sounds like you managed some good detail dispite the current low altitude of the target. Chris
  4. A great results, I'd be rather excited with that too! Registax is a blinding bit of software, but as Ron says you still need the data in the first palce. Regards, Chris
  5. A fantastic image there mate that illustrates some hard work. Great balance of all of the factors that combine to produce a fine finished article. Regards, Chris
  6. Hi and welcome from me too. 12 inch Meade and top weather, luck you. Look forward to your posts. Chris
  7. Thanks for the link. It's a new one to me, I'll have a good search through. Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi all, I'm just getting into modified webcam imaging and starting to accumulate the necessary equipment. I am looking for opinions on the necessity of using IR/UV filters when imaging. I've been looking around and some people argue that they are wholly necessary and some are of the opinion that they are maybe not so necessary. Also if I should get one any suggestions on which one in particular? Cheers folks, Chris
  9. Hi, I've only seen M57 (and most other DSO's) only a handful of times but remember that the light that you're seeing has travelled at 186 000 miles per second for the last two thousand years (approx.) to get to you. Its facts like that that I find so amazing. Chris
  10. Look on the bright side, the nights get longer from now. Still the night could last all day but with this cloud.....anyone for radio astronomy?!? Chris
  11. Thanks mate, panic over. The correct options in the device menu were not selected. Chris
  12. Hi all, I'm going 'round the twist here!! It's bound to be something simple but I cannot get K3CCD to produce anything other than a blank screen. I received my newly modified SPC9000 and it works fine with QC Focus but not K3CCD (as I've paid for the full version this is rather annoying). It is also recognised in My Computer. It's not the preview button that need clicking as suggested on the K3CCD web site so I'm at a total loss. Have tried reinstalling the program but to no avail. Any help greatfully received. Cheers, Chris
  13. Thats cracking mate, very well done.
  14. It's a good site, I'd recommend downloading the podcast too. I subscribe and it makes for some good listening. Chris
  15. Hi, I've got the Celestron kit and think it's pretty good. The filters are very useful and you get a nice enough range of sizes. For a beginner (which I am too) it has proven really useful. However, the Revelation kit is of similar quality from what I can gather. Have a look and see what deals you can get. Chris
  16. Enjoy writing the article, I look forward to reading it. Chris
  17. Just picked up on this thread, really helpful info for us just getting in DSO imaging. Thanks loads.
  18. Hi, Maybe a short guide on what you can see during the different season with a beginners set up and the naked eye. As a beginner (which was not that long ago, still really a beginner now) I loved being able to tell friends what they were looking at, makes you feel like a real expert! Regards, Chris
  19. Hi all, Have posted my SPC9000 webcam to Astronomiser today for the SC1 long exposure modification today as I'm keen to begin experimenting with deep sky imaging. What I really need to know is what other equipment should I invest in to make this new venture a success based on my telescope type? Also I understand that a focal reducer would be required, but how would the different types affect the images I produce, again based on my telescope? Thanks in advance for the help folks, Regards, Chris
  20. christo

    A Happy Return

    Thanks loads for the re-welcome guys, much appreciated. It's great to be made so welcome. I look forward to getting involved. Cheers, Chris
  21. Hi, Would like to add my contribution to the quality of this retailer. My mount recently took a bit of a whack (no one has yet to admit it, however the missus looks a little guilty!) which bent one of the latitude adjustment screws and snapped the alignment peg at the top of the tripod. I contacted them asking if they could source the parts and two days later the adjustment screw appeared on the door mat and a email informed me that they would order the alignment peg. All at no cost. Superb customer service, many thanks. Chris
  22. christo

    A Happy Return

    Hi all, I've been registered on the forum for some time but only made a few post before being 'sucked' into another forum which has frankly gone to the dogs. Therefore I have decided to seek some intelligent company and happily find myself here. I'm living in Durham (although originally from Northampton) in a site with very little light pollution, although of late a great deal of cloud! I have a 8 inch Celestron reflector on an CG5 German Equatorial goto mount and love it. I would certainly put myself in the keen amateur category and wonder in amazement when I'll be able to achieve some of the wonderful imaging results that some of you guys achieve. I've been seriously into astronomy for around 18 months and have completed a few courses in that time (from Univ. of Manchester, Open Univ. and Liverpool John Moores Univ.) which I would really recommend. Anyway enough of me going on. I really look forward to speaking to all of you very soon. Regards, Chris
  23. Thanks for the link mate. Chris
  24. Hi all I'm looking at modifying my SPC 900 web cam for long exposure and wondered if anyone had the instructions/plans for undertaking this. I'm a bit of a novice at this sort of thing so if its a bit tricky it may be better to get someone to do it for me. What do you think?? Cheers Chris
  25. Martin you are a total star. Can't tell you how much I appreciate this, made a real difference. Cheers mate, Chris
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