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  1. This may be an unusual request to put on this forum, but does anyone know if I can down load from the inter-net, or can purchase the 88 solar constellations on a wall chart in a globular form showing them linking the stars as drawings the way ancient Greeks saw them, where the Gods had put them in the heavens for eternity. As in Orion, representing The Hunter or Warrior, Ursa Major The Great Bear or Andromeda the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Many thanks, Brian
  2. Hi Steve, Thank you very much for your full explanation. Many thanks again, Brian
  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for your answer which I will try. Does this mean that I will have to enter the Dec. and R.A. positions in future as I have put the Longitude postion in every time so far which has worked OK. Regards, Brian
  4. While going through the set up procedure and getting to where you put in the longitude and latitude coordinates, I find that after entering the latitude and pressing the enter key the cursor returns to the 3rd number in the latitude numbers instead of going to the next section. My latitude is 51.722516 N. As there are only two spaces after the decimal point (72) are the numbers put in. I have tried the set up procedure many times using the same numbers (72) with no success. It will not go to the next section until I enter two different numbers which are the following numbers for my latitude (2
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