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  1. I really want to see the picture but can't on my phone! Bet it looks awesum :-)
  2. 1st for me! Looking up at the house with the red tint looks spookier than the cemetery!!
  3. Very nice, looking forward to seeing the result with the extra data added!
  4. You might need a break in the clouds too...
  5. Jaffa cakes to eat and liquidized jaffas to drink!.....
  6. Because the scope is so small in focal length it's hard to achive really high magnifications. The best thing I can think of is to get a 2x or 2,5x Barlow lens and use your standard ep's with the Barlow. I can't see why you would struggle with the clouds on Jupiter with that setup. It would be great if you could go to a darker site then your back garden too, it's amazing how much of a difference that can make!
  7. Can't wait for a first report on how your son (and you of course!) got on, his face will be a picture when he sees it!
  8. Celestron 4se on a skywatcher az-goto mount would be my thoughts for a light but good setup for you
  9. Hi Steve I live in Worthing too, rubbish ain't it!!! Look up Worthing astronomers, I am part of this group and its great. See ya around! Gazza.
  10. Get the Barlow, there easier to make at a higher standard, to a low budget. Then if you have a 10mm EP Barlow it then there's your 5mm
  11. Get a cheap second pair and remove your 'observing eye' lens and keep the non observing lens in place, preserving a nice sharp view of your hand controller! might work...
  12. Exactly what I did, only my glue melted the webcams casing and has never quite stuck right since! Nothing a bit of gaffatape won't fix tho
  13. Don't let all the bad press put you off, pick it up and feel how light it is, that is somthing that everyone with a bigger scope than you is envious about! If you have a chance take it somewhere as dark as you can. It will surprise you how much difference that will make! Have fun mate
  14. There nothing to moan about mate, I wish I could take pictures like that!
  15. Skywatcher az - goto would be ok for wide FOV shots, £225 from FLO.
  16. Blockbuster is selling everything cheap now it's going down!
  17. Sussex astronomy centre have the startravel 120s, that's about as close as I can get you mate lol.
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