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  1. Hi all.

    My granddaughter got a SW 90az for Xmas. Her mother put it together for her.

    I went up the other day to tweak the mount as it was very slack and noticed the loose finder scope, think it is 6x30.

    Anyway, reason it is loose is mum accidentally threw the rubber O ring away. But of a long shot but wondered if anyone has a spare O ring they could let me have. 



  2. At a loose end this morning so decided to reprocess some data I got the other night whilst playing around in Orion.  I am struggling with Live Stacking, for some reason my laptop doesn't like sharpcap for livestacking, I might try the ZWO ASIstudio next time.

    Anyway, as my live stacking skills are a bit naff I am taking stills and stacking but all good fun.

    So I have been playing around in GIMP and slowly getting better results (in my eyes anyway). The HH part is only just visible and this is the one I really want to try live stacking on.

    Autosave.thumb.jpg.ddafc8f425cc3f2e7ed44b598a42b7d6.jpg First effort420333392_HH-FLAMEREPROCESS.thumb.jpg.4a0a7b0898fb0ca47184db3f46a8b7ba.jpg Reprocess

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  3. Still learning at this game, at some point I will take more time to try to learn a little more by reading stuff, haha. (not really)

    First effort is M42, 10 minutes of data, enjoyed playing around with the settings but finally settled on 8 second at 300 gain, quite happy with my play around effort. Just about got running man too


    Now the flame and horsey, never seen the horsey in any way before except on here from others images. I have stretched this to hell and back. I could probably get a better result but the fact is the HH is there. 20 minutes worth of data = 16 seconds x 75 fits at 325 gain. Both stacked in DSS and messed with in Gimp. Very happy


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  4. I found another free video to watch which I know some of you will find interesting, especially the ones who are into their solar viewing/imaging.

    I watched this the other day and like any documentary, it can be a little slow at times but there is some very interesting content and fascinating cgi based on science fact. It is 50 minutes so not overly long either.

    There also appears to be links to a lot of other astronomy related content on there as well.

    Enjoy Solar Superstorms

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  5. 19 hours ago, Paz said:

    I've just searched this on Amazon and added it to my watch list. I'm surprised at how much content there is of a similar nature if you look for it, so I've tagged a lot more other space stuff to my list to watch. 

    I watched it on amazon prime too, I found the link above after so everyone could watch it for free. Anyway, prime threw me links to loads of other stuff as suggetions as well. I tagged about 20 of them and I am slowly going threw them. One I watched yesterday I am linking to as well called solar superstorms, some very interesting stuff in it.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Synchronicity said:

    These two documentaries about the New Horizons mission got me the same way.  I watched them both twice in a row.

    I just intended to post the links but the system had other ideas!



    I am not sure if I have seen these so good effort with the links.  I am still a sponge with astro related stuff, sadly these days it's a sponge that dries out a little too quickly but I still persist. 

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

    If you love a good documentary as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this one, especially if you have a skywatcher dob.


    Think I saw it in options, thanks for the heads up 👍

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

    I have seen that documentary, it is very nice and really is profound.

    I watched it on prime, then it threw up 30 more options to me.

    I shall watch them in my own time and there may be other recommendations 😉👍

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  9. I have just watched this documentary about Voyager's 1 & 2. 

    Starts from conception, to launch, through the solar system and onto inter stellar space.

    It has many of the original people who worked on it as contributors and personally I found it very interesting and at times, profoundly emotional.

    2 hours long, early on a little slow but once it gets going it is superb.


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  10. Hello all. I only started playing around this year at EEVA and at the same time I am playing at imaging a little, so I have attached my efforts for 2020. 

    Comet ones taken with my nikon camera, the rest mainly using a ZWO 224mc, P-DS 130 and wifi gti mount. 

    The last M45 using a ZWO183 but with my new EQM 35 -Pro. Much tighter stars with this mount, tracks exceedingly well too.

    Excuse my attempts at processing. I have been getting better with gimp although it is a steep learning curve.

    I don't profess to be the best, but I do enjoy what I am doing. 

    1379515282_moonrework08_june_20.thumb.jpg.5da2add3955faebe19e585edc6128f80.jpg1703068016_Etherealmoon2.thumb.jpg.a6b42b9218135dcb195e339c32cfcf65.jpgEthereal Moon

    933807938_comet2stacker.thumb.jpg.0ea803739a07eceb9d15332e4a150e25.jpg Neowiseneowise.thumb.jpg.f0f8a6a3a9761c34018c79413ab357c5.jpg1869192709_Marsoct6th2020.thumb.jpg.e4321c6f3622acfe0df83cddd912677f.jpg Mars 

    637433022_ringprocessedhotpixels.thumb.jpg.ead7353b5f6f35843bb710a328b8b429.jpg The ring with lots of hot pixels

    1904632715_M31processed.thumb.jpg.94baa1f1f30e3f3b5137fd82d228e210.jpg Andromeda 834909642_M34processed.thumb.jpg.7b7c004bc53bc1ee533fc17692aa924f.jpg M34 Starfish cluster

    593775213_M82processed.thumb.jpg.84089e1985b93bae2baaead3f6f62ca8.jpg M82

    109841029_ringprocessed.jpg.a691df7b2134299e8e713b9d021dbb5e.jpg The ring slightly improved although colour redish

    194804419_conjunctionstacked.thumb.jpg.00dca4ea5c1c9eff8a9cedc71717319d.jpg Conjunction data rescued 

    389107793_pleiades2020_12_29.thumb.jpg.8ee4499632c771a1b3743302fc9cbefb.jpgPleiades on wifi mount

    M45.thumb.jpg.16b9203cb6d0197f0ca6a293f10b37d0.jpg Pleiades taken on EQM mount


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  11. 85060264_pleiades2020_12_29.thumb.jpg.65edf2eb2af2b29cd8a636dd54f25195.jpg

    This is pleiades from the rescued data. One thing to bear in mind is they weren't that far away from the full moon. 

    As you mentioned @vlaiv the recovered data wasn't great quality as I discovered trying to tease out detail in Gimp. But at least I managed a passable image.

    Very happy with the focus, I tried out the new bahtinov mask from WOptics mask and feel it is far easier than using the standard black masks so worth the extra cost.

    Anyway, lesson learned re: bit mode. 🙄 😅

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  12. 7 minutes ago, vlaiv said:

    In principle yep, that is what I'm saying.

    8bit mode is just 16bit mode with removed least significant bits (lower 8bits of those 16) for faster transfer and less storage space. Since you used really high gain - you could recover something from the data - but you need to convert it to 16 bit first in order for DSS to accept it. However, I would not hold my breath since a lot of data has been just simply chopped off.

    You can use 8bit when doing planetary  / lunar. There signal is so strong that loosing 8 lower bits is just loosing noise - most of the signal won't be affected because it is very strong. With faint stuff - most of the signal is in dark parts of the image and you discarded those dark parts of the image and that will impact the result.

    Like I said - you can try to see what will come out of this data - but do keep in mind that data has probably been ruined by using 8 bit format and don't feel too bad if there is not much to look at after stacking.

    I will have a play with it, I love faffin around as it helps you learn.

    One further question if you don't mind @vlaiv, what programme can I use to bulk change all the fits?

  13. 8 minutes ago, vlaiv said:

    Hope you did not spend too much time on this?

    Here are two tips:

    - don't shoot in 8bit mode, shoot in 16bit mode always

    - don't use SharpCap for deep sky imaging.

    Although from exposure length I would say this is more of EEVA style session? Then it is ok to use SharpCap, but for more serious work - use at least ASCOM drivers in SharpCap and preferably different long exposure capture application (NINA seems nice).

    Thanks vlaiv, it is eeva, I don't do full on imaging, but this was the section to enquire about processing. 

    I spent about an hour on capturing data, didn't realise it was in 8 bit mode. So are you saying this data is no good. 

  14. Gentlemen please. I started this thread to become more informed and confirm some ongoing ideas I had as well as stimulate debate in a friendly manner. 

    Let us not start falling out with each other. It isn't in either the spirit of the time of year nor the interests of our community.


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  15. I keep getting an error message from DSS when trying to stack with the message about it not debayering 8 bit images, camera settings below. Can someone help me so I can get it to work please.


    [ZWO ASI183MC]
    Debayer Preview=On
    Output Format=FITS files (*.fits)
    Capture Area=5496x3672
    Colour Space=RAW8
    Hardware Binning=Off
    High Speed Mode=Off
    Turbo USB=100(Auto)
    Frame Rate Limit=Maximum
    Timestamp Frames=Off
    White Bal (B)=95
    White Bal (R)=52
    Auto Exp Max Gain=225
    Auto Exp Max Exp M S=30000
    Auto Exp Target Brightness=100
    Mono Bin=Off
    Banding Threshold=35
    Banding Suppression=0
    Apply Flat=None
    Subtract Dark=None
    #Black Point
    Display Black Point=0
    #MidTone Point
    Display MidTone Point=0.5
    #White Point
    Display White Point=1

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