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  1. Thanks. The note about exit pupil prompted some research, and a 35 mm eyepiece certainly doesn't look appropriate for the future scope. The 31mm Nagler is a bit out of my price range, and I can't seem to find the 30 mm Pentax. Would a step down to something like the 30 mm Vixen LVW be worthwhile, or wiser to hold out for the Nagler?
  2. I have been observing for several years using a Zhumell 8" dob (f5.9). I have the original eyepieces, as well as some others that I have bought since getting the scope. The two eyepieces that I use the most are a Baader-Hyperion 8mm and a Baader-Hyperion 21mm. I also use an Explore Scientific 25mm and an OPT 42mm for wider field views. I am very happy with my current scope, especially now that I have finally learned to keep it collimated. At some point, probably several years from now, I will upgrade to a larger scope with better optics, something along the lines of the Teeter STS 11" dob (f4.5). My suspicion is that the faster telescopescope will require better eyepieces to get the most out of it, so I am considering building a better set; this should also enhance my observing in the interim. I am considering the Televue Panoptic 35mm as my first purchase, with shorter focal length eyepieces to follow. I wear eyeglasses that correct for mild astigmatism, so long eye relief is a must. I would appreciate any thoughts on which direction I should go.
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    I just joined the forum. I have been stargazing for several years, I use an 8" Zhumell Dobsonian. I joined because I am always eager to learn about equipment and things to observe. I am a member of my local amateur astronomy club. I get out just about every chance I can; upstate New York weather, work, and family obligations permitting.
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