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  1. Hello and welcome to SGL Nigel
  2. Hi Mike and wecome to the greatest forum on earth Nigel
  3. I have the celestron omni 120 myself and it gives very good planetry views, and some DSO too. has a bit of false colour but it dose not bother me. Nigel ps. wecome
  4. Hello Rob, and welcome. im new myself and a neighbour of sorts ( keighley ). As a member of the keighley astronomy society your more than welcome to come along. Nigel
  5. Hi and welcome to the SGL Nigel
  6. Hello jake and welcome. Nigel
  7. Thanks for the advice, just got one this week so i will see how it goes. Nigel
  8. Hi could any one tell me if the celestron omni xlt 120 frac is any good, or has any tips if they have one? Thanks Nigel
  9. is the celestron 120 lxt frac any good ?

  10. Brilliant, i would put that on my office wall [ not allowed any at home the wife says ] it fab well done Nigel
  11. I have some celestron 15 x 70 s. Not too heavy to hold and gives fabulous views of milky way and star clusters. very good for day time vieing too. Nigel
  12. I thought i was the only one who did this, so im not mad afterall
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