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  1. Tnanks i Think i found one for 60 + shipping
  2. I can see some brown marks around some component but it looks very hard to replace i will try to ask someone who work with this stuff
  3. I will try to open it and have a look soon, it happend last night Thanks for your help here. I get back ehen i have had a look
  4. The mount is working, i have the other control, not the goto just the syntrek ( is that whats it called ) i used it and could move the mount with it
  5. I just wanted to ask if someone did the same as me sometime. I user powersupply to power my heq5 and it was set to 24 volt when i connected it so it just popped and smoke came from the handset
  6. Canon 70d SW 80EE Pro
  7. Thanks i used the Skywatcher 80ED and my Canon 70D
  8. Only got a few pics, here is one on M81 & M82
  9. Tryed my new SW Moon.tif80ED on the moon a few days ago :-)
  10. Svea Fireworks in Sweden often show of what they have for sale, so i brought my new canon 70d and took a few pics :-)
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