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  1. Anyone at all? I just had a play with Registrax and again, really un-intuitive UI. Attempted stack comes out very badly green, not balanced at all between the L, R, G & B channels as I'd expect. I'm starting to think that either the .fits files I've grabbed are corrupted, or I'm just a big ole dummy when it comes to astro processing... Dave
  2. Hey James, Melbourne can be cold, windy and wet like the UK I believe, although believe it or not, Sydney usually gets colder than Melbourne, and also more rain (yet is known as a far better climate, don't ask me how). Brisbane is just hot, hot and stinking hot. This has also been a very humid summer, in fact, we got flooded 7 weeks ago (nearly 230mm of rain in 90 minutes in our area). I was very lucky to not lose my main PC (quadcore q6600 + 8gb ram and 1.5tb of storage), my old pc (athlon 3ghz, 3gb ram) and PowerMac 1ghz. If water had gotten to them, we'd have all been electrocuted probably. I had a minute to get all 3 computers, all cables, and anything else valuable off the floor onto my bed. I didn't get to bed until 5am that night and was dog tired from "brooming" water out...I had a dental appointment the next morning @ 9.30am lol...so needless to say I didn't feel too well. Funnelweb spider eh? They belong to the mygalomorph family, which to the layman is 'primitive spiders' (as opposed to araenomorphs, which are modern spiders). The differences between them? Well, most primitive spiders are bigger, and far more aggressive. They are generally far more venomous as well (poisonous is the wrong term to use technically). They are also usually heavily armour plated, ground dwellers, and do not build webs, or climb very well. They also generally don't like bright lights, and thus mostly live under ground. Modern spiders generally can build webs, are smaller, are good climbers, not very aggressive, less venomous (although there are exceptions to this rule of course). Did you know, that in most cases, the female spider is larger, and heavier built than the male, but usually the male is more venomous? Generally, male arachnids are far smaller than their female counterparts. They are truly fascinating creatures and well worth spending some time learning about them etc. Oh, and funnelwebs are probably the most venomous and thus, dangerous, arachnids. Possible the Brasilian wandering spiders is more venomous, it's hard to say. Funnelwebs employ neurotoxins, which attack the brain and nervous system, causing massive organ failure. Thankfully we have an antidote now. Oh, and their toxin is only lethal to primates. Other mammals will get ill, but it's very rare for them to die. Non mammals are generally not affected at all. Interesting, eh? Sorry to ramble, if you haven't guessed by my avatar, or my website, I'm quite heavily into photographing insects & arachnids etc. Dave
  3. Thanks James. I unfortunately live on the outskirts of Brisbane, and Australia is not a good place for light pollution. I'd probably have to drive an hour or so South to avoid most of the nasty city lights. Still, it could be worse! Dave
  4. dpastern


    Excellent stuff Kath :-) I'm glad that the mount you like will do the job, makes it easier for you! Dave
  5. dpastern


    Welcome. Like you, I'm a newbie, I think a lot of the uneasiness is simply down to a lack of familiarity and experience. Give yourself time and I reckon you'd be right. Well, that's at least my attitude ;-) From what I understand, and I'm sure some of the more experienced members will correct me if I'm wrong, fork mounts are typically just not as accurate over longer exposures than their EQ bretheren, it's simply the design of the mount. If I'm wrong, just ignore my post!!! Cheers, Dave
  6. Interesting. I had a look at the link in the 2nd post in this thread and can see why they've suggested it, although to me at least, it's not terribly well explained on why, but more centres (pun intended) on how. Dave
  7. Thanks John - I've only been doing macro images for around 3 years, but have learnt an awful lot and progressed nicely. Still not as good as my friend, Brian Valentine aka LordV. Do a Google search for LordV and you'll come across his Flickr account...the man's a genius and a really nice, down to Earth guy, who's ever so helpful. I hope that my astro images become at least as good as my macro images, if not better! Dave
  8. Ian, I'm thinking the same basic mount myself, to go with a Skywatcher Equinox ED100 refractor as a temporary measure until I've saved enough money for a Losmandy G11 + gemini and probably a 10" Astro Tech RC. The Skywatcher will get used as a guide scope then and the EQ5 mount as a spare/backup, or I might even get a Newtonian ;-) All things planned for the next year ;-) Dave
  9. Oooh that looks good, must get, must get, must get! Dave
  10. I'm not sure if this is the video you were referring to or not, but I found it good: http://www.andysshotglass.com/Collimating.html Dave
  11. Well, not driving...I have no idea where it is, despite your excellent directions Dave. Terry, I dimly remember it, but it has been a few years since I read LOTR (I prefer the Silmarillion anyways). Dave
  12. Ant, was this meant for me? I'm new to the site, so I didn't even think to check out the Astropedia section, but shall do so when I get home from work. Thanks! Dave
  13. I'm not sure where that is. I'm out at Ipswich. I've only been in Brisbane for 18 months but I don't get out too much due to very bad public transport and no private vehicle... Dave
  14. Ah. Does Glorfindor say that to Aragorn when they meet 3 days out of Rivdendell? Of does Arwen say that to Aragorn @ Rivendell...the only Elvish I can remember is O elbereth Githoniel (not sure on the spelling). Dave
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