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  1. haha! Ok sanmatt advice taken! I wish she would do it with me but she is not a fan of cold weather.
  2. Ok Robin I will have a read of your eyepiece guide! If I have anymore questions I will ask. Thanks alot!
  3. I am going to get a variable polarising filter as I just thought it was a tad bright.
  4. My sister bought a telescope about 10 years ago, it was only a cheap one. We managed to find saturn and had no idea that I was going to see it in that much detail. I was just blown away, so I know how you feel! Thats what got me into astronomy.
  5. I bought a Skywatcher Skymax 90 from FLO yesterday, it got a really good review from sky at night magazine. I wanted something that was really small so I can just leave it in the car. My girlfriend is going to kill me.
  6. Ok cheers Jimmyjamjoejoe! Im not sure about taking the mirror out to be honest.
  7. Should I be using a filter when looking at the moon? It seems sooo bright tonight, it definetly affected my vision in my right eye for a bit! If so what filter do I buy? The scope is a skywatcher explorer 130
  8. I have posted a mirror cleaning topic in the scopes bit. Thanks for the explaination on eye relief jfox61.
  9. What is a bulb type puffer? haha. There are 6 screws in total on the back, I think 3 are for mirror adjustment as they seem to be protruding out of the back. And there are another 3 that are screwed all the way in. If I remove the 3 that have been screwed all the way in will the mirror come away from the scope? I really dont want to get this wrong!
  10. When you say look at others with more elements and better eye relief at higher mags could you give me some examples? I have been out this evening and I enjoyed my 26mm meade 4000 super plossl the most. It seems to give a really wide field of view and is comfortable to use. My 7mm orthoscopic one is blurry and doesnt seem to have a wide field of view. Its not very comfy either. I have noticed that my mirror is dirty and dusty so I wounder if it could be affecting the quality, or it could be that its just a cheaper model scope.
  11. Thanks so much for the help rwilkey, nightfisher and capricorn. I am still a little confused about what eye relief is, and the word plossl. I know that plossl is two lenses in a eyepiece but why would you choose a plossl over a different type, im not sure what other types are called. Thanks for your patience and help!
  12. Is this correct nightfisher? Thanks for the advice! GSO 12mm super plossl | eBay
  13. When setting up my scope today I have noticed that inside the tube and the mirror are quite dusty. Now I will not attempt to go messing around with the mirror, as I guess its delicate and requires setting up when removed. When I was setting up the scope today It did not seem to have affected the visual quality. Has anyone got any advice on maybe cleaning?
  14. I have decided to get back into stargazing again as I have alot more time spare. I am still relatively inexperienced at the hobby, I used to stick any old eyepiece in my scope and if it looked ok I assumed that I had the correct eyepiece. I have spent most of this afternoon setting up my Skywatcher Explorer 130m making sure that its balanced and ready to go. I have also read "The Warthog's eyepiece thread" and have worked out what I think are the eyepieces I should be using. Great thread by the way Mr Warthog! F=900 D=130 900/130 = 6.923 5.175, 8.625 , 13.8 and 20.7 Am i correct? I know that eyepieces are not these exact sizes so do I buy the nearest ones? I have some meade eyepieces and also the standard ones that came with the scope, The meade ones are so much better on viewing quality. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Here is a pic of the pieces
  15. Sorry warthog I didn't realise all the mistakes I had made and have now corrected them. I was in a bit of a rush. I am currently an aircraft mechanic and really want to develop my career into contributing towards manned space flight! I didn’t get very good gcse results as I messed about in school which is a massive regret now. I am going to start a open uni course and work towards a degree in some science based subject. Any suggestions from people would be greatly appreciated! NickH I work for Marshall Aerospace at RAF Lyneham on the Hercules.
  16. My girlfriend went clubbing in town and asked me to pick her up at 2.30. As i got home i noticed a really bright star low in the sky. So i quckly set up my skywatcher 130p as my meade is heavy and is 3 floors up! I just could not believe my eyes, the sky was so clear as everything was so quiet ( I live near a pub and its nearly always noisy!) This is the first time i have seen jupiter and it was just stunning! i stayed up untill 4 with a impatient girlfriend telling me to come in! I cant wait to see jupiter with my 6" meade refractor.
  17. I am currently a aircraft mechanic and really want to develope my carrer into contributing towards maned space flight! I did'nt get very good gcse results as i messed about in school which is a massive regret now. I am going to start a open uni course and work towards a degree in some science bassed subject. Any suggestions from people would be greatly appreciated!
  18. What a excellent programme that was last night. It makes you realise about how insugnificant we all really are ,and how petty and vein we can be. I would give anything to go into space or even to just go into that u2.
  19. hey people, just a bit intrigued about radio astronomy. With the weather being so rubbish lately and me getting frustrated that i cant use any of my scopes i think this might be a subject that could keep me occupied. so im a absolute beginner ( i know a little bit about the electromagnetic spectrum to get me by). How do i go about this? remember im a beginner so everything in simple terms! haha would be cool maybe if someone could post a full beginners guide with pics. cheers Dan
  20. cool cheers for that astro baby, i will have to check it out at some point.
  21. thats a great question! i was going to ask the similar one! i to want a dobsonian. My only prob is they a blumming huge. Bit of a storage problem.
  22. yeh i think its a bit of a dog area, but not the woofing kind if you get my drift!
  23. hey sep_hen i am in the same position as you! swindon is very light poluted! i go to a place called hackpen hill sometimes which is by wroughton. Thats the best place i have found so far!
  24. cheers jamesk that has helped alot. i havent got turn left at orion, i wll order that offline.
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