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  1. Thanks alot, do you have experience with 100dz and is it better for planets than FS102 or 100DL.
  2. Many thanks for the very useful opinion. I read that fs102 is better on Jupiter at high magnifications due to better contrast of the fluorite element, is there someone who shares this opinion?
  3. Hi, i am very curious which of the two scopes will be better for viewing planets at high magnifications. Is it True that fs102 is better at high magnifications with higher contrast? Thanks in advance for shared opinion!
  4. Here is a review of astrorubinar http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=643
  5. Does somebody know how to obtain the angular resolution of a photo camera lens from information about pl/mm. For example the resolving power of rubinar 1000 is 50 pl/mm in the centre and 35 pl/mm in the edge, how to calculate the angular resolution? thanks!
  6. Does somebody know something about russian photo lenses MTO 1000 and rubinar 1000 at http://lzos.ru/en/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=2&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2 ? Are they appropriate for observations, what is their resolution? How are they compared to russian TAL 100rs? Thanks!
  7. What is the central obstruction of tal 110 and what is the true aperture. Which of tal 100r and tal1 have more real aperture and with which i can see more dso? Can I use the equatorial mount of tal1 with tal 100rs?
  8. Which of the two eyepiece i s better for planets- televue plossl 11 mm or carl zeiss jena ortho 0.965" 10 mm. I read somewhere that televue plossl is better than czj ortho and has greater contrast, is that true? Is there significant difference? For which objects in the sky is better televue and for which czj? Thanks!
  9. Excuse me! I mean Uranus. Thanks!
  10. thanks. how can i ask Lev Parko and/or Anatoly Ageev at NPZ/Tal about the lens. I mean that the focuser is bulky maybe 1/2 of the total weight of the tube- above 10 kg. There is an additional knob which helps to move the focuser smoother. I attach additional photos of the lens if somebody can find something about their origin.
  11. I wonder who is the manufacturer of this lens and are they similar to tal
  12. maybe I have a diagonal from russian school refractor 80/800 and it performs well with this scope but the focuser is too heavy.
  13. Any suggestions about the performance of this lens?
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