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  1. my replies never come through when i use my phone, (been in work). looks like i might hold out for a better camera then. would a lot of 30 second exposures work (most ive done is about 7 mins worth of 30 seconds) and m31 could be seen as a kinda fuzzy star, but would more exposures be any help, or am i limited by the length of exposure? i tried an prime focus, managed to focus on Jupiter. but then when i try to get a long exposure of say orion neb, it comes out as a squiggle kinda. just trying to decide whether it is worth getting a new camera (i really like wide field pics) or getting a new tracking mount, which will obviously help with both wide field and prime focus. thanks
  2. thanks for the speedy reply, jus looked in to modding my camera, and, erm...it looks kinda complicated, and i dont have a solder iron (am terrible with them even if i had one) might look in to getting a newer modded camera instead. the wide field pics i get at the mo are ok, nothing special. i was hoping to capture the milky way amonst other things, but i guess i will need a tracking mount to get the long exposures, i can only manage 30 seconds as is, and thought the filter might help with that. so much to buy, and soo little moneys.
  3. ive been looking at getting a filter for my canon 300d, cls-ccd filter, i was wondering if any any one has any experience with it on this camera. its an old camera, but the filter costs more than what i paid for the camera, and was wondering if it is worth getting? note i will be taking wide field pics as my scope still doesnt have tracking yet i am a complete novice at all this, so would it be worth it? will i see a noticable difference in my pics? or would the money be better spent on something else...say a newer camera? thanks, mike
  4. hi there, you have the same scope as i have, and it a quite decent scope in my opinion, with plenty of things to look at. jupiter was one of the first views i had with it, and it was a wow moment, with seeing the moons and all, i found it best with the 10mm lens, occasionally barlowed, but when i first started it was hard to keep it in view, aswell as refocusing. but with your current eyepieces theres plenty to see, id suggest geting use to picking out the detail in what your looking at first. it took me a while to be able to pick out the detail on jupiter, the bands and red spot, just with the stock eyepieces. the red dot finder can be a bit annoyin (especially when you leave it on and the battery runs out ) the first eyeieces i bought were a BST xplorer 18mm and a 500 series plossl 4mm. the latter was probably a bit too much magnification for my scope, but i use it from time to time.
  5. my camera was attached to my scope, but i had to use my barlow because there wasnt enough in focus to get it properly focused. im going to invest in a better mount, only option i guess, or just stick to widefield shots an invest in a better lens mabe the cheaper of the options
  6. i did write a reply the other day while at work using my phone, but it doesn't appear to have posted the lens i am using is the standard one 18-55mm, im not sure what the apature was set to...mabe 5.6? it is kina exciting hen you start to see things like m31 show up, especially when i couldnt see it hen taking the pics. i did have another try of m45 and jupiter, but i seemed to forgot the earth rotates, and in my 1 minute subs, there as quite visible star trails. going to have another go if the skies ever clear again. i did try a pic to see if i could make out the arm of the milkyway across the sky, but nothing visible really. i will be looking in to getting a better lens, but not realy done my research yet. one thing thats confusing me is when i trie taking a pic through my scope, i focused on jupiter, so i knew it was focused properly, then moved to m45, and tried a 30 sec exposure, but nothing appeared on the screen, except a really faint kinda squiggle at the bottom of the image
  7. just realised i posted this in the wrong section, it should be in the getting started section. forgot to say it was taked with a canon 300d. does any one have any tips on how to improve on this? the pic is quite noisey, i didnt want to increase the exposure as the glow from the street lamp became very apparent. also i tried getting a shot of the pleiades through my scope, i focused it on jupiter as it was so close and when in focus i moved to m45, tried several 30 second exposures, but nothing came out apart from a black image with a small squiggle. would i be able to see anything from just 1 30 second exposure? or is it only when they are all stacked that i would be able to see it/
  8. finally managed tet my dslr out for the first time properly, as i couldnt get much out of it through my scope i thought id try a widefield shot, so i thought id would gie it ago in the direction of m31. can just make out the glow of it towards to bottom middle of the shot, though that part of the sky is light up y a street lamp. this is 10 lights, and 5 darks with an iso of 1600, and 20 second exposures. i tried plyin with it a bit, but am hopeless with it. am kinda pleased with my first shot.
  9. recently i have been looking i to buying a new mount, preferably a tracking mount, for planetary ap, and mabe basic dso imaging when i finally stepup and buy a dslr. the mount i have found is this one http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-supatrak-mount-and-tripod.html would my scope fit on to this? or would i need to buy anything extra to make it fit? my scope is SW explorer 130. in the description it says it can track for tens of minutes, which is more than enough for webcam imaging, any mabe enough for some very basic dso imaging? surely i can adjust the tracking after every ten mins and take multiple exposures? one thing it doesnt make clear is, can i just tell it hat to look at and it will look at it and track, or do i have to align it, then set it to track? just want to get some clariication thanks
  10. since i got my scope, mabe 3 months go ive tried to go out 3 times a week it the whether permits, mabe more if im feelin crazy, thought i went for about a month with out being able to use it due to poor wether, and i got kinda frustrated and generlly being busy (watchin football, xbox etc) i would set it up outside before hand, but weve had quite a few breakins and robberies around my estate in the past month or so, so i dont relly want to leve it out. its not a big scope as others on here have but, is a bit of a hassle geting it in and out. dont know how others with bigger scopes manage have thought about converting my garage in to an oby, most the roof got ripped off in bad winds a while back, but the amount of spiders (shudder)
  11. there were only about 70 frames stacked after running it through ppip, though the videos i took were only 18 seconds tops, cant wait to get a motor
  12. thanks for the link been having a play and seen a vast improvement (ithink anyway ) mabe see the red spot to the right? going to be playing with this for a while now, just need more footage i have some of the moon ill give it a try with
  13. my scope is skywatcher explorer 130 eq2 and i was looking at a motor for it, but was wondering if its just easier to get the whole mount, ill probs just go for the motor tho. i had heard about castrator, but i couldnt get any of my files to load for some reason, wil have a go with registax 5, though i should read a proper guide as it i cant find a download link for ppip, though i have really looked much
  14. after a couple of months searching, and tracking down m31, i finally managed to find it last night, i can see how i managed to miss it all these times, and the conditions werent perfect either, well the sky was but i was in a bit of a lit up back garden and the light kept interfereing from the kitchen. i had to spend a good 20 minutes looking at it, partly incase i moved my scope and couldnt find it again, but i turned to m45, then bck to m31 and bang! got it first time was quite a good night and set a mile stone for myself.
  15. ok thanks, i will try registax 5 when i get home from work. and will try tracking it next time. hopefully tonight if weather permits. any one know why i have the circle and line in my first pic? also going to have a good read up on registax. i have been looking at tracking mounts and thinking of getting http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-supatrak-mount-and-tripod.html my scope will fit on this wont it?
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