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  1. I'm quite confident that the scientists won't be looking for dark matter in 10 years or so, I am much more inclined to believe in "MOND" or modified newtonian dynamics which will answer the questions .
  2. NO! not a chance. I bought an 8" newt, nice scope but with very light polluted skies I couldn't see much, hence astro imaging through narrow band filters is now my thing.
  3. These were my first attempts, not good, but I'm a little better now.
  4. IOW star party this thursday on I'm looking forward to it as it's my first time for this one, anyone else going??.
  5. HI I have followed this thread with intrest and although I know very little about spectrcscopy I am interested and have wanted to get into it for a while but been put off by the cost of equipment, I have learnt from this thread about the "Paton Hawksley Star Analysers" (thanks to Dave smith) so I,m really interested, I have contacted Paton Hawsey for more info and have downloaded the user manual (thanks for the link Macavity). I'm in the lucky position of having two scopes so I can do spectroscopy while imaging my DSOs. Thanks all Neil
  6. My first propper DSO image from Salisbury star party 18x10 min Ha Narrow band subs through a meade 5000 with Starlight Xpress SXV H9 stacked and DDP but noe processing. Please be kind but critical as I really want the truth about this image if there are any suggestion on how I could improve future images I would be greatful. This is my first image posting so I'm interested what people think. Thanks Neilmr
  7. is there anyway of contacting the owners of the pins ??.
  8. I am thinking of buying a starlight xpress H18 and was wondering if anyone has used one and wether it's suitable for use with a 127mm Meade Apo and a 80mm William optics Apo with 1 1/2" narrow band filters. Any info would be much asppreciated. Thanks Neilmr
  9. Well I bought my meade 127mm and yes I am very pleased with it, even with the limited number of nights since I got it I have already got my best ever image of jupiter with the transit of Io. it seems to me to be an excellent scope and excellent value. It has already replaced my 9.25" Celestron which is now permanently back in it's box and will soon be looking for a new home. Neil
  10. Thanks to all who haqve posted. I think I will risk it and buy one, I will post my opinion when I have tested it out. Neil
  11. Hi Andrew Thanks for the info. Hi rob I have a 9.25" and if it's better than your C11 then It sounds very interesting. cheers Neil
  12. I am thinking of buying a Meade 127mm ED 5000 APO. does anyone know how good these scopes are or is there any others in the price range that are better?. I will mainly use it for imaging with some visual. Thanks Neil
  13. Hi I'm sure off axis guiding is very good (not something i've tried) but it seems to me that if "A decent guidescope will set you back about the same as an off axis guider" you may as well guide with a diferent scopes that way you can use the different scopes (sizes and types) which is more versatile for a wider range of images but it does mean two ccd cameras, I guide with a 9.25" sct and image with an 80mm apo or the other way round this gives the best of both worlds, I would recommend this method.
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